First things first: Happy New Year!
We had a lot of new features in December, so grab a hot chocolate, sit back and immerse yourself in all things Chrometa.

Introducing: Asana integration

In a nutshell

When it comes to managing projects across teams both large and small, there’s nothing quite like Asana, making it the most powerful alternative to the popular upstart Trello.
Asana is an extremely flexible task management and collaboration tool and we are excited to add it to our integrations list.

How it works

First, connect to Asana

Go to "Account" - "Integrations" in Chrometa. Locate Asana in the top row, and click the "Connect" button:

Time tracking for Asana with Chrometa

Next, tell Asana that it's okay for Chrometa to access your Asana account:

You'll then be redirected to your "Projects" tab. A first sync with Asana will be running in the background importing all your projects and tasks into Chrometa.

Time tracking for Asana with Chrometa
Time tracking for Asana with Chrometa

Then, assign time entries to your projects

You'll now be able to assign time entries to your Asana projects (which now exist as Chrometa projects, too). You can do this by using "Rules" as well as the "Move To Project" dropdown from the "Time Summary" screen.

Bottom line? Both Asana and Chrometa make tracking work activities simpler, reducing the need for email and unnecessary meetings, or – as Asana calls it – all that "work about work."

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New Targets Features:

In a nutshell

Unclear project status updates can lead to delays, poor execution or a lot of unnecessary meetings. New additions to the "Targets" functionality make it easier than ever for you to control project progress.

How it works

From the "Targets" page, you can now do the following:

  • Create a new target and select a specific phase for the project: phases are defined in the "Tasks" tab and are linked to time entries.
  • Receive an alert before missing a deadline: adjust the target's date days or weeks before the milestone.
  • Monitor your project's status: from the "Team Timesheet" or "Summary" views, select the tab 'By Task' and see how far a project has come and what's left to do.
Create targets by phase
Report by phases

Don’t have "Targets" set up yet? Click here ( to start enjoying these benefits immediately

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New! Redesigned Invoices:

In a nutshell

The "Invoices Configuration" has two new features to provide you with more control over your invoices. Whether you’re editing or viewing a PDF version of an invoice, you can sort the invoice lines chronologically. In addition, Quickbooks users can automatically create invoices in QBO from Chrometa, avoiding doing the work twice.

How it works

Sorting Invoice lines

The "Configuration" tab in "Invoices" now includes a checkbox that reads "Earliest time entries at the top", which defaults to "Yes". From there, you can sort your time entries in chronological or reverse chronological order.

Sorting invoice lines in Chrometa

Exporting Invoices to Quickbooks Online

Once you have your invoice completed in Chrometa, click the "Export to QBO" button located to the right of the "Invoices" list header. Your invoice will be ported over to QuickBooks Online, with the annotation field from Chrometa becoming the description in QuickBooks Online.

Export Invoice to Quickbooks Online QBO

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