Chrometa tracks activity on your computer every second by recording the current document, email or website you are on: this is the document, email or website that has the focus of your mouse and keyboard. At any given time you only have one current activity, even if you're toggling between windows or using multiple monitors.

Chrometa never records nor accesses the document's contents

If using a virtual PC through a VPN, please install Chrometa on the virtual machine too to capture the time spent working remotely.

Idle/Away Time

When Chrometa detects no activity from the mouse/keyboard for more than 5 minutes (an adjustable setting), it stops tracking and counts time as "Away Time". You can disable/enable "Away Time" counting by clicking (right on PC) on the Chrometa icon in the system tray > Options (or Preferences) > "Remind Me to Log My Away Time"

About once an hour (an adjustable setting) Chrometa syncs with your online account and shows you the automatically generated timeline.

You can force a sync by right-clicking the icon from the system tray > Upload Now

You can adjust time from the Timeline view by clicking on the duration and entering a new one.


As you are working on an email, reading or composing, Chrometa tracks the subject line, sender and recipients list and the total time spent on the emails

Outlook 365

To connect Chrometa to your 365 and get details for each read/composed email (subject line, sender and recipient(s)), go to Account > Integrations and click “Connect…” under Office 365. This will work even if you worked on the email from a device that does not have Chrometa (e.g. an iPhone)

Outlook Desktop

Download our Outlook plugin here to get the subject line, sender and recipients list

Phone Calls

After you finish a call or a text message on an Android phone or through VoIP if using a soft phone, Chrometa automatically adds the call and its details to your timesheet

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