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Make your life easier with Chrometa


Automatically Track Time on Any Device

Our automatic time trackers for Mac and PC watch your mouse, your keyboard, and the apps you use as you work. Chrometa records how long you're spending on each document, email, website, and more. No timers or stopwatches are required.


Automatically Allocate Time to Clients and Projects

Chrometa automatically allocates time to your projects and clients using keywords, email addresses and/or phone numbers. At the end of the day, an automatically generated timesheet is ready for your review


Monitor Project Time and Budgets

Create performance metrics to better track budget and time billing goals for your clients and practice. Be notified before your projects go over budget or over time. Receive alerts when you risk underbilling.


Maximize Team Productivity

Stay informed in real time about every team member's work and progress.


Minimize Admin Costs

Spend less time on tedious payroll and admin tasks. Automate the boring stuff with Chrometa's automatic time trackers.


Integrate and Export Your Data

Use your favorite practice management, accounting and project management tools with Chrometa.

Get more than just automated time tracking


50+ Integrations

Use your favorite tools with Chrometa. Instantly connect, expand and sync your apps.

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Our website and application boast 99.9% uptime, 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, and 128-bit security. We also store an additional backup for you locally on your device, so that your time entries are always secure and safe. .


24/5 Support

Ask questions, get answers, and join our large community of Chrometa experts and users.


Product Updates

Improve the way you work, as the Clio team adds new features every month that help your firm operate more efficiently.


Team Time Tracking

Automatically track time on to-dos and tasks for each time member, or fill timesheets directly inside the Teams Dasshboard with just a few clicks. .



Chrometa makes invoicing and billing so simple, you’ll be amazed at the time you have to focus on doing what you love and how much faster you get paid. Who would have thought a time tracking software could do that?

Chrometa is best for

Sync with your existing Legal Practice Management System

Chrometa automatically syncs your clients, matters and tasks from your favorite case management system, tracks time and exports it to your billing system or Excel

No more underbilling

It’s hard to capture time with all the possible means to do so (computers, phones, and even pen and paper). This often leads to under-reporting time and ultimately, underbilling

Send accurate and detailed invoices

Add details to your invoices and ensure every billable hours is justified.

Sync with your existing Accounting Management System

Chrometa automatically syncs your customers, projects and service items from your favorite accounting system, tracks time and exports it back to your invoicing system or Excel

Track time accurately

Although most accounting software come with a tool for tracking time, they’re basic. You just click the timer to start the clock and click it again to stop it. Rinse. Click. Repeat. This becomes tedious for people who do a variety of tasks throughout the day.

Send accurate and detailed invoices

Create an accurate timesheet with virtually no effort.

Capture all billable work

Although you are an architect who works in the field, it is very likely that a lot of your time is spent collaborating with clients through email. Chrometa makes sure that it captures all the time you spend sending and reading emails. With clear categorization in the time sheet, Chrometa creates separate entries by email.

Less admin work

Chrometa has been making lives easier, helping architects concentrate on their actual jobs. It can not only make their administrative tasks easier, but also ensures effective time management.

Invoice for your team

As an architect, managing and tracking time is of utmost significance to you. With plenty of projects being managed simultaneously, you need to know where everybody’s time is being spent.

Easy Time Tracking

Chrometa works great for anyone who bills by the work hours, no matter if you’re a consultant, freelancer, or an independent contractor.

Show proof of your work

Work hassle-free and avoid those long hours going through your emails and calendars to justify your invoices.

Track your finances

Use Chrometa for billing or export your invoices to your favorite accounting system. Know if and when you are getting paid.

Team Time Tracking

Instantly know who's working on what, and when

No more underbilling

Make everyone's hard work is fully recognized and paid

Invoice for your team

With plenty of projects being managed simultaneously, you need to know where everybody’s time is being spent.

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