Automatically Track Time on Any Device

Our automatic time trackers for Mac and PC watch your mouse, your keyboard, and the apps you use as you work. Chrometa records how long you're spending on each document, email, website, and more. No timers or stopwatches are required.

Automatically Allocate Time to Clients and Projects

Chrometa automatically allocates time to your projects and clients using keywords, email addresses and/or phone numbers. At the end of the day, an automatically generated timesheet is ready for your review

Monitor Project Time and Budgets

Create performance metrics to better track budget and time billing goals for your clients and practice. Be notified before your projects go over budget or over time. Receive alerts when you risk underbilling.

Monitor Idle/Away Time

When you step away from the computer, Chrometa pauses tracking and does not keep recording indefinitely

Turn emails into Billable Hours

Integrations with Outlook and Gmail turn emails into billable hours, with rounding

Turn phone calls and text messages into Billable Hours

Integrations with VoIP systems turn phone calls and text messages into billable hours, with rounding

Turn Online Meetings into Billable Hours

Integrations with MSTeams and Zoom turn meetings into billable hours, with rounding

Keyword-based rules

Assign keywords to your clients, Chrometa will automatically allocate the time entries to the correct client and matter

Integrate and Export Your Data

Use your favorite practice management, accounting and project management tools with Chrometa.

Custom Reporting

Use our out-of-the-box reports or request custom dashboards

Online and Offline work

Chrometa works offline too. You do not an internet connection for Chrometa to work

Android phone calls

All your Android phone calls and text messages are added to your Timeline

Overtime monitoring

Stay informed in real time about every team member's work and progress. Set alerts to receive when a team members reaches a limit in time or budget

Private time

Exclude websites, documents, emails from being tracked

Break reminders

Popup reminders to prompts your employees to take breaks and prevent burnout

Timesheet Approval

Set up a workflow to accept/reject timesheets from your employees

Billing and Invoicing

Create invoices with your own templates from your timesheets.

Online payments

Automatically send a bill to your clients and monitor payments in real time