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Automated Time Tracking

Mac, PC and Android

Record work on PC and Mac     

Chrometa’s time tracker automatically captures time as you work on 

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint 
  • Acrobat
  • PDF
  • Photoshop
  • Outlook
  • Gmail 
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox 

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Customized categorizing of time

Set up keyword-based rules (using keywords, email addresses, phone numbers, project numbers, …) and Chrometa automatically creates timesheets for you. 

Clean up and annotate your time entries in seconds and get the most comprehensive and accurate timesheet you’ve ever created. 

It is time to get paid for ALL of your time (aka hard work)!

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Create Invoices                       


Export your timesheet to major attorney billing and practice management systems . 

Create and send invoices from within Chrometa.

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Accurate and Fully Automated Time Tracking

Never miss a billable hour again.

How Chrometa can help you

Chrometa is also an employee time tracking app. Get accurate and real-time data on who’s working on what, share your clients, projects and rules. Find the most profitable (revenue vs time) projects and clients.

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Lawyers don’t like to keep time. Nobody likes to keep time. It’s a painful way to work. This is because traditional timekeeping is based on an active model requiring proactive input activity that makes you less efficient and less smooth within your operation. Chrometa uses a different model; it is a passive “set-it-and-forget-it” system…

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Proven time management solution for busy accountants. Know where you time went and automate your processes.

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Improve your service offering by reducing time wasters!”.

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Key Advantages


Track your time down to the second.

Easy to Use

Seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.


With bank-grade security and sophisticated encryption, we make sure your data stays secure and confidential.

Committed to Quality

We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, listening to customer requests and being reachable at all times.Q

Here’s what just some of our users have said
We just switched to Chrometa and really enjoy the app! Effortless time tracking, one of the only apps that tracks your phone calls on Android (Apple still blocks these types of tracking). We definitely recommend it to companies that need to identify where staff/managing director spend their time. You will also be able to identify time well spent and wasted.
Noham Layani
CPA Auditor, CGA
The people who made this software seem to understand time keepers very well. It has everything you need to keep track of your day, and even keep track of your staff and make sure your practice remains productive. It helps me bill more so it ends up paying for itself. I highly recommend this software for lawyers.
Assaf Lichtash
Principal Attorney,
Pershing Square Law Firm
I am a freelance consultant and work with multiple clients at once. This app is one of the best tools I have tried to help me keep track of my time! It keeps track of the time I spend working on a document, email or website and not how long it is open. Rules means I don't have to tell it what client the document is for - it does it automatically.
Janet Sawaya
Freelance Consultant
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