We’re a Phone.com partner!

COVID-19 has forced companies to switch to remote working very quickly. Capturing time on digital devices is now more important than ever. With Chrometa you can already capture your work on your PC/Mac and Android devices. But what about the work done on your iPhone or iPad? Or the Phone calls and text messages to your clients from a VoIP software? This is where Phone.com comes in!

We are excited to announce that Chrometa has set up a partnership with Cloud-Based VOIP provider Phone.com.

Phone.com a cloud-hosted business phone system that requires no hardware or maintenance and can be set up in minutes.

The Phone.com platform changes the way that companies communicate and collaborate with standard and innovative telephony features that are a cut above the competition.

Benefits of Phone.com for Chrometa users:

  1. Your billable phone calls are automatically captured in the timesheet and filed under the correct client and matter, no matter the device you are using, be it PC, Mac or Smartphone.
  2. Your online meetings are added to the client's timesheet and invoices without any manual action on your part.
  3. Your Phone.com contact lists are kept in sync with Chrometa.

This purpose-built integration was built to capture all the billable work done on calls, text messages and online meetings. How else can you benefit?

  1. Know which activities need follow-up.
  2. Know which projects take up most of your time: not only do you know how much time is spent drafting and reviewing documents, you also know how long and productive your meetings are.
  3. Annotate calls on the spot. Any annotation or description will be saved to your activity log with the click of a button. This ensures that all necessary data is captured and stays in one place!

We are proud to be at the center of this transformation, helping businesses connect with their customers, partners, and employees in new ways.

About Phone.com

Phone.com is the modern, work-from-anywhere solution for today’s agile, mobile, and always-on entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

Phone.com was founded in 2007 with an inspired mission to be the world’s most convenient self-service cloud communications platform for entrepreneurs and small companies.

For more information on how to communicate better, contact Phone.com today.

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