Based on millions of billable hours collected by Chrometa (approaching 1 billion 🙂 ), our research team found that email reading and writing accounts for up to a third of the total billable time.

Chrometa records time spent reading, replying and composing emails from any device, whether you are using Outlook, Gmail or MacMail.

Then a rule is applied to file the email under a client or project. This is the step that we recently removed to make timekeeping at painless as possible.

Automatic Timesheet

Clients and Projects can have email addresses and phone numbers. When you add/update and email address to a client/project, Chrometa will automatically move time entries with the email address to the client.

Same thing applies to phone numbers, phone calls and text messages sent or received from your clients are automatically filed under the client’s timesheet.

All this is done through an auto generated rule: For each phone number and email address, a rule is created and applies to new entries. As with any rule, it can be applied to past entries. When you remove an email address, Chrometa stops moving time entries to the project

Email to Billable hours