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You Have a Time Management Plan, But It’s Not Working – Why?

You wake up in the morning, come to work early, follow a time management plan to assist you—you’re unable to complete work—then leave for the night.

It’s clear your time management plan, strategy, mantra or whatever you call it, is NOT working!

There are times you are not able to complete your work. And at most times, you’re leaving late, despite coming in early.

So, why is your time management plan not working?

Maybe you’re making these mistakes…

Mistake #1: Multitask to Get More Work Done in Lesser Time

Forget it – it won’t work!

Multitasking means continuously switching between two tasks at the same time. When you keep switching from task A to B and B to A, you are not able to give your brain enough time to recover and adapt before moving on to the other task. Your quality of work suffers, your efficiency fails and your productivity suffers.

You see, even Mike Cannon-Brookes is against multitasking.

Mistake #2: The Time Management Plan That Does NOT Accommodate Work Breaks

Work breaks are important—not only vacations but those mini breaks that you should take frequently during working hours. Research suggests that a 17-minute break is a must for every 53 minutes of work you do.

Make space for microbreaks in your time management plan—it will do wonders for you.

Mistake #3: Focusing on the Secondary

You need to plan your day as such, so that you get the ‘real work’ done in early hours of the day. Because that is when you are most upbeat and high on energy. Leave meetings, reading and replying to emails, organizing your desk and other secondary tasks later for the day.

Mistake #4: Not Keeping Track of the Time Each Activity Takes

A successful time management plan is a simple one. It is free of complexities and free of all those activities that are not optimized for time savings. But until or unless you don’t keep track of the time each activity is taking, how are you going to eliminate the complexities and work towards optimization?

Therefore, to make your time management a success, it’s important that you track time.

Review your time management strategy, and if you find any of these mistakes being a part of it, restructure the strategy for effective execution.

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