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What to look for when selecting Time Tracking Software?

So, you’ve finally adapted to the changing business trends and decided to implement time tracking software in your company, but are you aware of the essentials and functions of this software? How will you choose the perfect software for your company? No idea? You’ve landed at the right place! Read on to learn how to select the right time tracking software:

Determine the Needs

Prior to deciding which software should be bought and implemented in your business, it is essential that you first determine the need of implementing this software. All company operations will be impacted by implementation of this software, so make sure that you involve various stakeholders in the decision making process. Do you want to this software to track time of people who access other’s projects or do you simply need to track time of all the employees? Do you want to install this software right away or wait till you purchase a new machine? Gather answers to all these questions before you make a final decision.

Services Offered

Do not get impressed by the demo of the software on the company’s website! It can be deceptive! You, as a customer, should demand the vendor to customize the demo according to your business needs. When purchasing this software, ask the vendor to provide you with a detailed explanation. Also, inquire about issues such as support and trial usage. After sales support is an essential aspect, in case you need help during or after the software implementation process.

Low Cost and Risk

With the widespread use of time tracking software, the cost of such software has reduced. Do not fall prey to vendors who charge a huge amount! Apart from the monthly fee, look for hidden costs. Ask the vendors openly about any and all charges that might accompany the software. Vendors usually sell traditional software or software-as-a-service (SAAS). Cut down on your risk by choosing SAAS as it reduces the burden from your IT department to install and maintain another major program in your company.

Easy Upgrades

Usually, vendors offer a trial period before you implement and use the software with all its features. This period helps you gauge if the software is suitable for your business or not. Make sure that the upgrade from the trial version to the purchased version is smooth, if you decide to purchase it after testing. More importantly, ask the vendor if the data stored in the trial version can be transferred to the paid version automatically.

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