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Automated Time Tracking

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“Automatic” Time Tracking Tour

How Chrometa Captures Your Computer & Mobile Time As You Work

Capture Your Computer Time “Passively” As You Work

Our automatic time trackers for Mac and PC capture your computer-based time as you work. When you work on something, Chrometa’s time tracker records what you’re working on – which application, along with other info that helps you identify the task after the fact.

For example, if you’re working on a file, Chrometa will also capture the file name. If you’re responding to an email, Chrometa will capture the Subject Line of the email, along with the To/From and CC lines. More on email in a minute.

And if it’s a website you’re using, Chrometa will capture the URL and title of the web page.

As you jump around and start working on something else, Chrometa will stop timing the previous task, and start timing the new one. It doesn’t matter how many windows you have open – we’ll only capture time spent on the active window.

The end result is that you’ll have every minute of your day accounted for – and you won’t have to worry about hitting a start/stop timer, or keeping manual timekeeping notes as you work.


Here’s a Timeline “breakdown” of a PDF document I read for 7 minutes total.

And Yes, This Includes Email Time Too

Our time capture plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Mac Mail make sure that all of your time spent writing and responding to emails gets captured, too. As you know, email time can be very challenging to keep track of as you work, because we often handle email in “rapid fire” mode.

Chrometa solves this problem by capturing the Subject Line of every email, along with the To / From / CC line, and the time spent on this email. It will create time entries for you that look like this:

email time tracking

So that you can categorize these entries to your Timesheet. You can even have Chrometa’s keyword-based rules feature do this “heavy lifting” automatically for you, like this:


And When You Step Away For A Meeting…

Chrometa will start your Away Time timer when your keyboard and mouse “go idle.” When you return, you’ll get a popup that says:

“Welcome Back! Would you like to log the time you spent away to a project?”

You can split this time up if you spent it on different projects and/or tasks. And you can assign it to a project on the spot.

Or, you can wait until you’re putting together your Timesheet at the end of the day, week, or month. You will have time entries stored for these Away Time blocks… along with your notes… so that you can easily assign them to their appropriate project later on.

Mobile Phone Calls & Text Messages, To Boot

Our Android and iOS apps help you capture and categorize phone calls and text messages you receive and send from your clients – so that you can turn them into time entries and get paid for your mobile working time, too.

Or Watch a Demo Here →

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