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Automated Time Tracking

Mac, PC and Android


Reviews and Press…

I’ve been an attorney for 30 years — this is pure genius.
“ There are some excellent software programs designed for law firms. LexisNexis’ Firm Manager (, Clio (, Rocket Matter (, PC Law (, Bill4Time (, RTG (, and Chrometa ( are but a few of the programs available to help you capture your time.”

American Bar Association: Tasty Solutions for Timekeeping (Aug 2014)

What our Clients have said

We have a diverse range of customers, from many countries, and they all have a common goal; get paid for the long hours spent working for a client.

A straightforward solution to a painstaking task. This product is a true time saver for any attorney.

Ian Westberg
DLA Venture Pipeline

I have used Chrometa for some time now and find that it is extremely helpful in reconstructing time for billing. I spend a lot of time at the computer and the timeline shows me which clients I was working for in the various times segments. So, I can capture time I might have otherwise missed. That is its strongest feature and the one which I think more than justifies its cost, learning curve (actually not much of a learning curve), and periodic maintenance to categorize database items to specific clients and conform billing records with information from the Chrometa reports.

Another thing Chrometa does is the inverse of capturing billable time; Chrometa tells you where else you are spending time on the computer and, at least in my case, nudges you to better deploy your time resources.

Thus, Chrometa has become an important, relatively seamless, part of my practice.

I highly recommend it. Thanks to the guys at Chrometa.

Jack Townsend
Townsend & Jones

I love the new features in the most recent update! Chrometa’s capture of away time is the feature that has been most helpful to me. While my timekeeping software has a timer, it is so much easier/quicker to type something in the “log away time” prompt that shows up on the screen without me having to do anything, and therefore I actually use it. The new feature that enables the user to split away time entries is great, and having the away time description show up in the timestamps listing will simplify recording of the time in our billing software.

Amy Rush
Clark & Bradshaw

I run a paperless office, which means nearly all of my important work is done on screen. Chrometa captures my billable time easily and accurately, whether I am working for one client or twenty.

Troy Thompson
Thompson Advisory Services

As someone who has multiple roles and workstreams in my business this is exactly the kind of software I am looking for. I’m confident that with a little time setting up my categories this is going to increase the amount of income I generate. I’m fairly sure I underestimate my invoiceable time to different clients at present due to lack of records about things like quick 10 minute checks of multiple exchange accounts etc. This mounts up across a year!

Susan Kelly
Change Nutrition Ltd

Chrometa does what very few applications do, it makes your life simpler. It does what it needs to do automatically, effectively, and without interrupting your workflow. It saves me time and money, because in my line of work they’re the same thing. Chrometa allows me to accurately bill my clients, to the second, which they love! It further improves productivity, by clearly showing what all my time wasters are. Chrometa improves my service offering and makes me a better freelancer by reducing time wasters!

Zane Dickens
Webdesign Warehouse