What Is The Best Way To Prioritize Your Tasks?

In today’s fast moving work environment, the ability to prioritize your tasks is one of the prized assets that an employee or business manager can have. More often than not, we find ourselves with a to-do list that almost seems endless.

When faced with an endless number of tasks, even the most hardworking employees and business people can be stressed out. What should I do first? That is the question that most people ask themselves when confronted with an overwhelming work load.

Tips for prioritizing your tasks

In order to ensure that your productivity remains high, it is necessary to select the right tasks to do first.

Here are a few useful ideas for prioritizing your tasks effectively:

  1. Make a comprehensive task list

The first step toward prioritizing your takes is to come up with a task list that has a brief description about what each task is all about. This will help you remember things that need to be done and give you an idea about the extent of your total workload.

  1. Ranks the items on your list

The next step involves ranking the items on your task list according to how important they are. After the ranking has been done, write down all the items on another sheet of paper in descending order of importance.

While ranking your tasks, three things have to be kept in mind:

  • The urgency of the task (as determined by its deadline)
  • The potential impact, in financial and non-financial terms, of not completing it on time
  • The time required to complete it

Let us discuss each of these three factors in turn:

· The urgency of the tasks

Always make sure that you respect deadlines that have already been decided. Making requests to extend deadlines can often leave a negative impression in the minds of your clients and portray you as being unprofessional in your dealings.

Focus on tasks that are close to deadlines and try to finish them first. Refrain from asking for a deadline extension until it absolutely necessary.

· The potential impact

Some projects can have a larger impact than others. While it is important to respect deadlines, sometimes you need to shift your focus to tasks that can have a greater financial or non-financial impact on your career and personal life.

· The time required for completion

Sometimes, a project can take a very large amount of time to complete. In such cases, you might have to lower the priority level of the task because it could jeopardize the completion of several other projects, and some of them could be quite important. Be sure to pursue those projects first which can be completed without causing delays.

  1. Strictly pursue your list

Every now and then, you might be tempted to stray from the order on your list and tackle the easier jobs first. Avoid doing that! Stick to the list no matter what. You’ll have to sacrifice your personal preferences to maintain a reasonable level of productivity.

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Effective Project Management and Time Tracking Go Hand in Hand

Projects cannot commence without a plan. To produce a realistic plan, you need significant knowledge about crucial business aspects including personnel, resources, and strategic objectives.

However, with project management, you can stay on top of the game, assuring that only the best practices are implemented.

Moreover, it ensures that resources are allocated effectively, making best use of time, money and employees.

Significance of Time in Project Management

When managing projects, time is one of the most crucial resources to consider. It is an invaluable criterion for project managers to determine if the project is being operated as intended or not.

Furthermore, time management is crucial when it comes to resource maximization in collaboration with other resources such as personnel and money.

Typically, employees are paid for two things: their time and skills. Therefore, it is their duty to be present at work for required number of hours each day, fulfilling duties within the prescribed time.

A project manager must be aware of how to establish priorities. This is done by allocating more time to important tasks, providing room for high-quality work. Furthermore, consistent feedback and reporting can also offer project managers with insight on how smoothly the project is working, under coordination and active communication. Remember, it is easy to execute project management if everything is carried out within the established frame of time.

Focus on time when making crucial business decisions. Make strategic modifications. When you alter time frames, it will impact results.

This is the reason why during the initial stages of planning projects, you should hire project managers who are skilled to produce sound estimations.

Also, mitigating risk is a crucial component of business management. This involves anticipating potential risks, developing schedules, allocating resources, delegating responsibilities, and more.

Risk mitigation can make the work process smooth, overcoming challenges and unanticipated obstructions.

All in all, project management is crucial because it ensures that projects are executed in accordance with the devised plan. Remember, the significance of time for projects cannot be overstated. Therefore, to effectively utilize time, you must encourage your project managers use time tracking solutions.

Benefits of Time Tracking in Project Management

Outlined below are some benefits of time tracking for effective project management:

Time tracking enables project managers to:

  • View team activities and how much time is being spent on which task,
  • Assign the right kind of job to the right person,
  • Take instant action on areas that are clearly require improvements,
  • Track overall employee productivity and levels of performance over a certain period of time,
  • Effectively handle remote teams,
  • Establish clear expectations, deliverables, and deadlines etc.

With Chrometa, you can encourage your employees to record all their time spent on computers and mobile phones (Android & iPhone) passively. This will further help them make effective use of business time, increasing billable hours, and receiving payments owed by clients to your business.

Employee Time Theft: Cost Crunches for Businesses

Time theft takes place when employees get remunerated for work they haven’t done.

More appropriately, they get paid for time not spent on business work. Considering the growth of mobile workforce and easy internet access, time theft is becoming a more serious concern for businesses today. The issue is so serious that businesses are losing billions of dollars worth of productivity on an annual basis.

However, time theft is not limited to a certain kind of person, designation or industry. This takes place everywhere. And people are getting more creative in ways to evade work.

This is where businesses need to take a more proactive approach and fight against employee time theft. To do that, we must first understand various forms of time theft taking place. Some of them are outlined below:

Time Card Theft

There are multiple ways time card theft can take place. For instance, if an employee fails to show up at work, he asks a colleague to punch them in and out for that particular day. Also known as buddy punching, this act is a serious fraud against company policies.

Another form of time card theft at work is when an employee lies about the number of hours he/she spent at work, for a given shift, in a single day.

Prolonged Breaks

This form of time theft occurs when employees take over-extended breaks at work. This can include extending regular lunch breaks. Employees who tend to leave for lunch breaks early or come back late are guilty of this form of time theft.

The same holds true for employees who take more breaks in a single shift than they are permitted (under the company policy). Prolonged breaks are easily the most common types of employee time theft at the workplace, across industries.

Too Much Personal Time

It is a common practice for employees to spend most of their time at work taking personal calls and replying to personal messages/emails.

They tend to deal personal issues and family situations at work, wasting time and hampering productivity. These non-work related activities form personal time. While in some cases, employees are given certain liberties (if they’re able to manage work at the same time). When this freedom is misused, it leads to time theft.

Internet Time Theft

Internet time theft is common, yet the most difficult one to detect.

That’s because employees tend to use the internet for both, work and non-work related purposes. This can include everything, ranging from regular internet browsing to social networking, and using instant messengers at work.

While it is not possible to eliminate time theft from the workplace altogether, but implementing time tracking solutions as a form of corporate policy can help.

With Chrometa, businesses can passive record employee time, encouraging them to make productive use of it for overall growth and success.

Prioritize Daily Tasks and Manage your Time!

Facing problems in managing your time? Unable to complete your tasks within a specific duration? Don’t stress! All you need to do is to prioritize your work and daily tasks. Here’s how:

Create a task List

Seems like a long day at work? Got a lot of work to do in those eight working hours? Before you start working on any of the assigned tasks, create a list of tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. Write down each and every task, irrespective of the fact whether it is a routine task or a critical one and has been assigned to you for today only. Having things in writing will help you stay focused and know about all the tasks, small or big, that you have to complete by the end of the day. Remember – don’t forget to include breaks as well, in this list!

Rank and prioritize them

Rank the tasks according to their priority. Consequences are an effective way of determining the priority of the task. Ask yourself what will be the consequences if this task is not completed. Then rank your tasks accordingly. Or if you’ve been asked by your manager to complete a task first, follow their instructions. Make sure that you work on the tasks exactly the way you have prioritized them.


When you categorize tasks according to their ranking and priority, always consider the 85/10/5 rule. Most people tend to invest 85 percent of their time in the tasks which can be delegated and taken up by anyone else, whereas 10 percent of their time is lost in actions which can be handled by their subordinates and only 5 percent of their time is spent in doing things which no one else can do, except them. This 5 percent is where you need to cash in. Categorize tasks according to this rule, giving more importance to the tasks where you spend only 5 percent of your time.

Start working Immediately

Do not spend a lot of time in creating a to-do list, ranking and categorizing tasks. The first half an hour is more than enough for this activity. After you have prepared a list, start working on your tasks immediately. Delaying work will result in procrastination and you will be unable to manage time efficiently. Help yourself and follow the plan to execute all the tasks!

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What to look for when selecting Time Tracking Software?

So, you’ve finally adapted to the changing business trends and decided to implement time tracking software in your company, but are you aware of the essentials and functions of this software? How will you choose the perfect software for your company? No idea? You’ve landed at the right place! Read on to learn how to select the right time tracking software:

Determine the Needs

Prior to deciding which software should be bought and implemented in your business, it is essential that you first determine the need of implementing this software. All company operations will be impacted by implementation of this software, so make sure that you involve various stakeholders in the decision making process. Do you want to this software to track time of people who access other’s projects or do you simply need to track time of all the employees? Do you want to install this software right away or wait till you purchase a new machine? Gather answers to all these questions before you make a final decision.

Services Offered

Do not get impressed by the demo of the software on the company’s website! It can be deceptive! You, as a customer, should demand the vendor to customize the demo according to your business needs. When purchasing this software, ask the vendor to provide you with a detailed explanation. Also, inquire about issues such as support and trial usage. After sales support is an essential aspect, in case you need help during or after the software implementation process.

Low Cost and Risk

With the widespread use of time tracking software, the cost of such software has reduced. Do not fall prey to vendors who charge a huge amount! Apart from the monthly fee, look for hidden costs. Ask the vendors openly about any and all charges that might accompany the software. Vendors usually sell traditional software or software-as-a-service (SAAS). Cut down on your risk by choosing SAAS as it reduces the burden from your IT department to install and maintain another major program in your company.

Easy Upgrades

Usually, vendors offer a trial period before you implement and use the software with all its features. This period helps you gauge if the software is suitable for your business or not. Make sure that the upgrade from the trial version to the purchased version is smooth, if you decide to purchase it after testing. More importantly, ask the vendor if the data stored in the trial version can be transferred to the paid version automatically.

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