Copywriters, Here Are Some Time Management Hacks for You!

Whether it’s a 2-page article, or a well-worded tweet, it takes time and skill to perfectly write such content. And for a copywriter, doing so can be exhausting.

Time management can be an iffy subject, since writers cannot produce quality content in an hour or 30 minutes, no matter how qualified they are. They can still improve their efficiency through a few simple steps:

Time Management Hacks for Copywriters

Know When to Say No

Saying no may not be the simplest thing. But at the end of the day, you can’t really work if you’re not able to. Being overworked and burnt out is quite common for copywriters since they have to employ their brains to get the job done, and that’s even more exhausting. Say no if you know you won’t be able to give 100% to the job at hand.

Then start afresh the next day. You’ll notice the difference in your focus and creative skills.

Remove Your Distractions or Compartmentalize Them

Social media, the news or even that review you’ve wanted to read of a favorite book, all can seem very tempting when you begin to work. Immediately before you start writing, turn off your Wi-Fi and put your phone away at a safe distance. If you need to call someone, do so after you’ve finished your work, or at least one part of it. Think of it as a reward for sitting still and working. Though it may seem strange at first, truth is that compartmentalizing your tasks can divert your focus back to work.

Track Your Time

Use time tracking software for your mobile and system such as Chrometa. Such tracking apps allow you to work more efficiently, since you can learn how you spend your time. By tracking your work habits, you can improve aspects which need to be fixed and gain more by separating your work from your distracted time. You can also manage time better, thus meeting deadlines earlier and that’s good news for everyone.

Take a Break

Calm your mind while you work. Your brain needs rest, just like your body does after it’s been working for a long time. Have a little pause, close your eyes and flex your joints. Do some physical exercises during these pauses to energize yourself for your next task. You’ll work at a much faster pace than you think.

It’s easy to waste your time if you don’t have anyone or anything to guide you. With these tips, you’ll find it much easier to finish your work without the headache of deadline, creative deadlocks and weak content.

Top 5 Professions That Need Time Management

Saying hello to a full-time job often means saying goodbye to all the extra time you once had—the luxury of staring at a blank wall and exclaiming your boredom.

You may think a standard 9 to 5 job can’t be as demanding as we say. Some professions, however, have it a lot worse than others. Advertising agencies, for instance, have longer work hours, while a morning shift at a café may be shorter—but equally (if not more) demanding.

At the end of the day, each line of work is unique in terms of managing time, relying on a different skill-set to meet timely objectives and produce results.

Managing Time (and Stress)

The success of every business depends on its employees’ ability to handle stress.

Some industries are known for their swift service, raising the standard by hiring people who excel at time management. Here are the top 5 professions that make the cut:

1. Medical and Healthcare

Emergency units, surgeries, physician assistants, radiologists—everything and everyone in a hospital or medical care unit depends on quick service. This means hiring qualified professionals who aren’t just skilled in the trade, but also experienced in working under pressure and remaining composed in intense situations.

2. Information Technology

Anything that involves technology and data collection, inevitably translates into automation and observation. Logistics managers are responsible for a range of duties, including but not limited to coordinating, managing, planning, and initiating all kinds of complex IT projects.

3. Lawyers

Ever heard of a lawyer who had nothing but time? No? It’s probably because they don’t have any to spare between preparing for court and dealing with clients.

4. Advertising agencies

Notorious for their long hours and demanding clients, advertising agencies must master a careful balancing act between coordinating with vendors and working with designers to deliver quality projects.

5. CEOs

When CEOs cancel meetings, they’re not trying to show that they can. They’re doing it because their presence is requested by a number of individuals, at multiple venues at the same time. Stress level: easily an 11 on 10.

We understand how frustrating it can be to not give your all to a project or work assignment simply because of a shortage of time. From freelancers and stock brokers to IT professionals and marketing—we’ve provided time management services to all, and know exactly what a difference technology can make when it comes to tracking progress.

Chrometa is your online answer to improving business efficiency.

We provide state-of-the-art time-tracking software for Windows and Mac, as well as iPhones and Android. Contact us now and boost your productivity!

How We Can Help You Overcome Sleep Deprivation

There are few things worse than being at work with bloodshot eyes, wanting nothing more than to sleep at your desk, dreaming of being in bed—on your way to destination La La Land.

Far from being a passing phase in college during exam time, sleep deprivation is a serious concern that exacerbates stress, induces migraines, and makes you susceptible to a host of physiological and psychological illnesses that can hamper your health and wellbeing.

Despite the volume of research having been conducted on sleep deprivation, many victims remain ignorant of the dangers of compromising on sleep—oblivious to its effects on the quality of their life.

Knowing When to Rest

Everyone knows the importance of eating well and sleeping well, but few take the initiative of actually following a balanced lifestyle.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that sleep deprivation stems from a serious case of time mismanagement, and an inability to keep track of one’s schedule.

Think about it.

When was the last time you were so sleepy at work that you couldn’t keep your eyes open to complete the last order of the day?

Now think about why you were feeling so sleepy in the first place.

Was it a late-night party?

Staying up watching a political talk show?

Catching the NBA highlights?

Perhaps making a long-distance phone call to your significant other?

Whatever the reason, in all likelihood, it’s something that could have easily waited or done at a more convenient hour of the day.

Diagnosis and Cure

We’re a tech company that thrives on productivity.

And you know what the number one enemy of productivity is?

You guessed it—sleep deprivation!

Poor handling of time causes you to procrastinate, delay your goals, slack away at work, and lose the inclination to be creative and perform at an optimal level.

This is why we emphasize on the principles of time management, creating unique time-tracking software that helps you maintain a schedule and keep track of your progress.

Chrometa proposes innovative business solutions to help you run your company more efficiently.

We do this by offering an impressive range of android apps and timesheets used for data accruement and time logging.

To date, our products and services have served a number of businesses to overwhelming feedback, helping in employee time keeping and making an impression on students.

Why delay, when you can get it now?

Call us now and make sure you never have to yawn at work again!

The Secret to Success for Agile Teams: Time Tracking

If you’ve got a team of agile software developers, we understand how people tend to divide into two major camps:

There’s a group of people who strongly believes that time tracking solution are absolutely essential and imperative for success.

Then, there’s another group that rolls eyes at the very thought of having to run projects with a time management tool.

Which group do you belong to? If it’s the second, allow us to convince you on the effectiveness of time tracking for agile teams:

Accuracy in Billing

Utilizing a responsive approach for creating software is intended to simplify and streamline things. However astoundingly, it can also toss and overcomplicate the overall billing process.

Remember, billing doesn’t have to be an issue when you have a personal timekeeper with you. It is common for agile teams to charge clients on an hourly basis. So, you will find it easier to calculate the per-person hours into a great-looking invoice over a few fingertip strokes.

An easy approach to software development with streamlined billing—yes, dreams do come true.

Real-Time Estimations

When it comes to agile development, estimating time and cost can be quite tricky. Expect yourself get puzzled with project estimations that are far-fetched, away from reality. Talking in real terms, agile software development entails huge investments in terms of both—time and money.

With time tracking software, however, you will be able to accumulate data regarding how much time it takes to complete sub-parts of projects. Such and more useful insights can keep you updated about the future estimates, allowing you to seamlessly carry out potential projects.

Now, who needs a crystal ball?

Enhanced Processes

One of the biggest advantages of working through the agile approach is that you can instantaneously get used to the modifications and new obligations in order to come up with the finest product. However when you do so, it’s unquestionably useful to have some genuine information in support of those changes.

Again, time tracking remarkably helps in this. Observing how agile teams manage time can aid in determining holdups and other hindrances. This can help improve your processes, making them far more efficient and beneficial.

Of course, we understand most people have some skepticism around time tracking for agile teams. However, it cannot take away from the fact that time tracking has a tremendous impact on the performance and success of such teams. So, put down everything and start your 30-day free trial offer now.

Streamlining Efficiency: Is Time Tracking Software Worth The Investment?

Does your business need time tracking software?

Finding that out is not a hard nut to crack. There are a host of things you need to take into account when coming down to this decision, including the company requirements.

At the end of the day, the real question is: how can time tracking software offer benefits to the company?

At Chrometa, our time tracking solutions are competent and intended to enhance organizational productivity. There are no two ways about the fact that time tracking apps improve efficiency of employees, and are also beneficial for the organization in general.

Free Trials: How Do They Help?

One of the simplest ways to understand how your organizational employees will adjust with the time tracking software is trying out one.

You will find numerous time tracking solutions online, but rarely will you find one that offers customers an opportunity to use them prior to investing in them.

We, at Chrometa, offer our clients with an opportunity to download a free 30-day trial prior to using them at the workplace permanently. Our free trial versions are for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android users. You can explore all the features for 30 days to help learn if the software is fit for the organization.

Of course, you don’t want to get stuck with software that doesn’t help, and creates bigger troubles, disrupting the workflow.

What Does Your Employees Have To Say about the Time Tracking Software

Have a one-on-one conversation with your employees to determine how comfortable they are while using the software. Was it easier to complete projects with the time management tool? Was it difficult for them to adjust to it? Did it really help them in managing time? All in all, was it an impediment or an advantage?

In the end, it’s the employees who need to be comfortable and at ease with what they’re working.

Chrometa is immensely user-friendly, helping businesses schedule duties effectively. With our time tracking software, employees can take on any task and estimate the time it took to complete.

Does The Time Tracking Software Fit In The Workplace?

That’s a tricky one. You need to contemplate a host of factors to determine if a time tracking tool actually works for your organization.

Some of these factors include organizational size, kind of work and the corporate surrounding. Moreover, as a business owner, you must think of some crucial elements such as the diversity of projects, range of clients, etc.

With an online time tracking software in place, you can seamlessly record time, converting them into timesheets, billable entries, and professional invoices.

Download your free trial for Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone.

Improving Sales Efforts through Time Tracking

Business and project managers have been making use of time tracking as a trick of the trade for a long time now.

This helps them in keeping projects scheduled, ensuring optimum business health.

There are a host of other benefits that can be reaped from implementing time tracking solutions to streamline sales process. Here are a few:

Describe Your Ideal Client

When your business was launched, you possibly said yes to every company that showed interest in hiring you or your services. But things change as you progress. You tend to take on a more long-term approach that possibly involves saying no to potential patrons.

Time tracking software helps in determining which clients can prove to be the most profitable. Similarly, it helps identifying customers that take more time than they should. As you get hold of this crucial information, you can come up with a profile of around 2-3 customers based on the outstanding projects you have undertaken in the past.

Then, the sales department can utilize the profile of these clients to better understand and prioritize potential customers.

Update Your Pricing

When businesses expand over time, you find yourself better able to offer more value to customers. As a result, you may consider updating your prices as well. Thanks to time tracking, you can smoothly make changes to your pricing structure. It is a common practice for businesses to price their products/services based on their gut feelings. When you’re unaware of the amount of time being spent on each project, you can never be sure if you are charging a justified amount or losing.

Time tracking software can precisely tell you which projects are making you lose money. As a result, you can easily alter the prices in the contract.

Back Up Your Sales Pitches

Data is undoubtedly one of the few things people prefer today. With online time tracking software, you can back your sales pitch with concrete information. This strengthens the proposals for potential clients. For instance, if a potential customer tries to push back on your quoted price, you can back your pitch with data from a comparable project. Doing so will restore your client’s confidence that you aren’t merely gouging with the price.

When you’re determining the timeline of a project, time tracking can be of immense help.

With history, you can get guidance about how long a project may take to get completed. Moreover, you can clearly see how many hours it took for a project to complete, permitting you to provide a comprehensive project timeline to potential customers.

To help increase your company’s revenue, investing in a time tracking software seems viable.

At Chrometa, we provide our clients with reliable and 100% accurate time tracking solutions that allow them to passively record time, converting them into billable entries. To get your time tracker, call us now at+1 916 546 9974 right away.

Are You A Digital Nomad? Time Tracking Is For You

If you are sick and tired of staying all day at office, relentlessly working, you’re one of us.

Imagine to be given the privilege of working from anywhere in the world. Where would you prefer going? *think think*

When leading the life of a digital nomad, the world is your oyster. On the other hand, if you fail to exercise control over how you spend your time, you could easily lose the perks of such an opportunity.

Let’s start out by understanding what a digital nomad is.

Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are progressive and technology freaks. They are young professionals that possess the ability to redefine traditional meaning of earning.

By taking advantage of technology, they learn to work and live remotely, independently – mostly like nomads. Moreover, digital nomads have a great dependence on fast internet connection, smartphone devices, and cloud technology on a daily basis.

In case you’re thinking that picking up your laptop and heading straight out will make you a digital nomad, hold on. Majority of the digital nomads find it exciting to take a leap towards digital nomadism. This helps them to create a desired lifestyle, breaking conventional working barriers. Thanks to this lifestyle, a digital nomad gets to choose his/her place of work each day, and not get impounded in the same cubicle. This ability can tremendously help in getting more work done is less time.

Why Digital Nomads Need Time Tracking Solutions

Just like everything else, digital nomadism also has its highs and lows.

To begin with, emerging out of the conventional 9-to-5 job timings can be somewhat challenging on psychological grounds. Given the fact that humans inherently show resistance to change, working like a nomad with no permanent place can be a annoying, at least in the beginning.

Moreover, digital nomads usually fail to distinguish between work and free time. With countless surreal destinations waiting for them to be explored, work procrastination can become a common thing.

Lastly, changing places, travelling and exploring each day brings along a host of challenges, including time zone issues, visas, and not to forget, a fast internet connection.

While goal setting and minimal distraction practices will help, digital nomads most certainly need an online time tracking software or application that can help them track every minute.

Having a personal timekeeper such as Chrometa, digital nomads can improve their billable time up to 20%. So, if you’re a digital nomad and wish to improve your productivity and effectively manage time like a pro, avail our free 30-day trial today. For more information, call +1 888 340 6425.

Save Your Team Some Time with Time-Tracking Software

Time tracking software is primarily designed to help businesses and individuals save time, and utilize it in a more productive way.

Opting for the wrong time management software can make you lose even more resources. Hence, selecting an appropriate time tracking software will not only save time, but also make your work processes and employees more productive.

Whenever you implement a new system or process, it can pose some serious risks. These risks can be financially demanding or time-consuming. Before you invest in a time tracking solution, make sure that will make your business more efficient and productive.

Here are a few key factors to evaluate:


A good time tracking software should run smoothly in the background, recording time and activities flawlessly. It is important for employees to be able to start using the software instantly. Evaluate the user interface and analyze the experience of using it for day-to-day time tracking. Go through the process of introduction and assimilation to see how employees find the time tracking solution.

If the entire experience was taxing or uninviting, expect your team to be unsatisfied with the software. If so, opt for a time tracking software that’s more easy-to-use, uncomplicated and smooth.


Contemporary teams, particularly distant and broadly distributed teams, make use of a host of tools to fulfill their jobs in a productive manner. Therefore, choose time tracking software that works seamlessly and integrates with supplementary tools.

While testing time tracking solutions, prepare a list of all the essential applications your employees utilize on a routine basis. Some of the most popular ones include Clio, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, LexisNexis and many more.


It’s common for businesses to invest in a time tracking software that’s loaded with features.

It’s quite easy to determine which time tracking solutions are trying to overdo things in a given interface. Maybe it has a framework that’s not suitably equipped to handle challenging functions.

Consider this: If your employees already have a chat application, do you think you really need a time management solution that has a built-in chat app?

On the whole, assess whether the software is serving as better time management software or project management software. The difference is very crucial.

Be aware of the key features you need to help your employees track and manage time effectively.  See if the time management software possesses those features and performs well.  Do not let the additional bells and whistles sidetrack you.

Expect utmost functionality, invisibility, and user-friendliness from Chrometa 5.0. Contact us to invest in the software or get a free 30-day trial period now.

Team Time Tracking: Why Should You Do It?

Why should I track my team’s time? How will it help? How should I convince my team members to track time?

These are common questions employers are often faced with. Just like team management, team time tracking is essential too.

It highlights factors that lead to procrastination, reduces inefficiencies, and promotes productivity. Need more reason? Here are a few more that’ll convince you to track your team’s time:

Financial Benefits

Wondering how tracking your team’s time can be financially beneficial? It helps in streamlining payroll procedures and preparing accurate timesheets. Team members benefit from time tracking as their timesheets are prepared automatically. They do not have to worry about recording their work information. This helps in making sure that all energy is focused on completing official tasks rather than worrying about preparing timesheets.

Easy Information Sharing

With a team time tracking software, members can share information easily. This will help in smooth task accomplishment without any confusion. Information sharing also avoids information overload which helps employees in carrying out their tasks in an efficient manner. In addition to this, it increases coordination and all work is carried out seamlessly.

Increase in Team Morale

Who doesn’t like being appreciated? But when working in a team, members have to make sure that their tasks as a team are accomplished in order to be appreciated and encouraged. This means that a common goal and target needs to be set so that all members work according to it.

With a time tracking program, members will be able to focus on their tasks and will be aware of the activities that are taking up much of their time. This will help them in focusing their energy to productive activities. In addition to keeping a track on time, a time tracking program will also help in keeping a check on attendance.

Saves Time

Keeping track of activities at work ensures that all members focus on their work, instead of wasting time in other unproductive activities. The members are themselves aware of the activities that they need to focus on; thus they spend more time in productive activities.

If you are in need of efficient team time tracking software that’ll help you in managing your team in a much better manner, download our software, Chrometa. It not only helps in saving time, but also ensures enhanced productivity.

Six Time Management Strategies you Need to Learn Now

Take out some time and review your daily activities. Now ask yourself, have you managed time well? Or you were efficient in wasting it? If it’s the latter, you need to learn time management. Not only does it assist in completing activities on time, but also helps in managing the whole day effectively and enhancing productivity. Here are six ways you can improve your time management for better results:

Organize Yourself

This is one of the most efficient ways of managing time. Organizing yourself and the tasks that you have to complete will help you in managing time in a much better manner. Focusing on your current task and not wasting time will help you in completing the task in the allotted time.

Create a To-do List

These lists are helpful for managing time. Writing down what you need to do will help in identifying which tasks are important and need to be completed right away. When you’ve completed a task, remove it from the to-do list and experience the feeling of accomplishment!

Set Priorities

This is one of the most significant and stressed factors for time management. Prioritizing is essential as it helps in understanding which tasks are important and need to be completed first. Doing so will give you the margin to complete low priority tasks the following day, in case you are unable to complete it.

Get Help from Others

Don’t be rigid. Ask for help when you need it. There will be times when you won’t be able to complete tasks yourself, will need a second opinion or assistance from your coworker. Seek help instead of wasting time in doing something you can’t handle alone.

Focus on Quality

Wondering how is time management related to quality? When looking to manage time, we usually do not give much attention to the quality of our work. Focusing on quality will help you in completing tasks with accuracy and save you time that you would’ve spent reworking due to low quality.

Time Tracking Software

With too many tasks to handle and a lot of projects to complete, you might get panicked. With the help of a time tracking software, you will get a better idea of where you should invest most of your time and how you can benefit from it.

Manage your time without any hassle with Chrometa! Our software can be installed on a desktop or on your smartphone for tracking time.