The Secret to Success for Agile Teams: Time Tracking

If you’ve got a team of agile software developers, we understand how people tend to divide into two major camps:

There’s a group of people who strongly believes that time tracking solution are absolutely essential and imperative for success.

Then, there’s another group that rolls eyes at the very thought of having to run projects with a time management tool.

Which group do you belong to? If it’s the second, allow us to convince you on the effectiveness of time tracking for agile teams:

Accuracy in Billing

Utilizing a responsive approach for creating software is intended to simplify and streamline things. However astoundingly, it can also toss and overcomplicate the overall billing process.

Remember, billing doesn’t have to be an issue when you have a personal timekeeper with you. It is common for agile teams to charge clients on an hourly basis. So, you will find it easier to calculate the per-person hours into a great-looking invoice over a few fingertip strokes.

An easy approach to software development with streamlined billing—yes, dreams do come true.

Real-Time Estimations

When it comes to agile development, estimating time and cost can be quite tricky. Expect yourself get puzzled with project estimations that are far-fetched, away from reality. Talking in real terms, agile software development entails huge investments in terms of both—time and money.

With time tracking software, however, you will be able to accumulate data regarding how much time it takes to complete sub-parts of projects. Such and more useful insights can keep you updated about the future estimates, allowing you to seamlessly carry out potential projects.

Now, who needs a crystal ball?

Enhanced Processes

One of the biggest advantages of working through the agile approach is that you can instantaneously get used to the modifications and new obligations in order to come up with the finest product. However when you do so, it’s unquestionably useful to have some genuine information in support of those changes.

Again, time tracking remarkably helps in this. Observing how agile teams manage time can aid in determining holdups and other hindrances. This can help improve your processes, making them far more efficient and beneficial.

Of course, we understand most people have some skepticism around time tracking for agile teams. However, it cannot take away from the fact that time tracking has a tremendous impact on the performance and success of such teams. So, put down everything and start your 30-day free trial offer now.