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Automated Time Tracking

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Prioritize Daily Tasks and Manage your Time!

Facing problems in managing your time? Unable to complete your tasks within a specific duration? Don’t stress! All you need to do is to prioritize your work and daily tasks. Here’s how:

Create a task List

Seems like a long day at work? Got a lot of work to do in those eight working hours? Before you start working on any of the assigned tasks, create a list of tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. Write down each and every task, irrespective of the fact whether it is a routine task or a critical one and has been assigned to you for today only. Having things in writing will help you stay focused and know about all the tasks, small or big, that you have to complete by the end of the day. Remember – don’t forget to include breaks as well, in this list!

Rank and prioritize them

Rank the tasks according to their priority. Consequences are an effective way of determining the priority of the task. Ask yourself what will be the consequences if this task is not completed. Then rank your tasks accordingly. Or if you’ve been asked by your manager to complete a task first, follow their instructions. Make sure that you work on the tasks exactly the way you have prioritized them.


When you categorize tasks according to their ranking and priority, always consider the 85/10/5 rule. Most people tend to invest 85 percent of their time in the tasks which can be delegated and taken up by anyone else, whereas 10 percent of their time is lost in actions which can be handled by their subordinates and only 5 percent of their time is spent in doing things which no one else can do, except them. This 5 percent is where you need to cash in. Categorize tasks according to this rule, giving more importance to the tasks where you spend only 5 percent of your time.

Start working Immediately

Do not spend a lot of time in creating a to-do list, ranking and categorizing tasks. The first half an hour is more than enough for this activity. After you have prepared a list, start working on your tasks immediately. Delaying work will result in procrastination and you will be unable to manage time efficiently. Help yourself and follow the plan to execute all the tasks!

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