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Automated Time Tracking

Mac, PC and Android

Time Tracking for PC and Mac

Automatic Time Tracking for PC & Mac

How Chrometa Automatically Captures Your Time

Chrometa automatically captures your time for you as you work on your computer, so that you can accurately and easily account for every minute of your day – without the need to start/stop a timer, or manually enter any times or notes as you go.Here’s how it works…

1. You install our time tracker on your PC and/or Mac

2. Your time tracker records how long you are working on an activity as you work

3. It also notes the details associated with that activity (such as the application and file name). When you switch tasks, our time recording switches with you.

The result is an accurate timesheet that is compiled for you in real-time as you work.

Review Your Captured Time Entries

Your time entries will initially appear under Computer Time in the Unbilled Time section of the Summary screen. The setup is analogous to your email inbox. If we were not able to find an automatic project match for the time entry (more on keyword-based rules in a bit), we drop the time entry in your Unbilled Time section.

Time entries here are grouped by application, with the total number of uncategorized entries listed in parenthesis to the right of the application name. Click on the application line itself to expand it and view your specific time entries.

Track Time Spent on Documents & Files

Chrometa will capture the name of a file you work on, the total amount of time spent on the document, and exactly when you worked on it (via the Timeline). This includes Microsoft Office documents like Word and Excel, Adobe products such as Reader, Photoshop, Illustrator, and the Creative Suite, and so on.

Here is an Adobe PDF document that I spent 7 minutes reading, entitled “The Economist – Billable Hour Not Dead.pdf”. The beauty of the Summary view is that it totals up each individual instance into a single time entry.

By mousing over the time entry, I can click the Timeline button to see exactly when I was reading this PDF. We can see that the 7 minute total is actually composed of three different instances:

Track Time Spent on Email – Reading, Writing, and Replying To

Will Chrometa automatically capture your time spent on reading or writing emails? The answer is yes!
Chrometa captures the Subject Line of the email you are reading, writing or replying to – along with the amount of time you spent on the email.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, or Mac Mail, you’re in luck – we have developed special plugins for these email clients that will provide you with the To, From, and CC lines as well. Let’s say you are composing an email in Outlook, Gmail, or Mac Mail. Chrometa will capture the following information for you:

  • The total amount of time you spent composing the email
  • The Subject Line of your email
  • The To/From and CC lines of your email

Track Time Spent on Websites

Chrometa will capture the URL and Title of websites visited your Mac or PC, grouped by web browser. You can search entries, categorize them, or create rules based on the URL/Title information.