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Automated Time Tracking

Mac, PC and Android


Make billing a breeze!

Chrometa is easy to use, right out of the box, with a really intuitive interface. Separate panels for Active Time and Away Time, a calendar widget, options tabs, and category folders all look very familiar and operate as you expect they would.

Lawyers don’t like to keep time. Nobody likes to keep time. It’s a painful way to work. This is because traditional timekeeping is based on an active model requiring proactive input activity that makes you less efficient and less smooth within your operation. Chrometa uses a different model; it is an automatic  “set-it-and-forget-it” system. Turn it on, and it doesn’t turn off again until you tell it to. It sets and resets your timer for you and can even prompt you to define your Away Time when you have not been active at your PC. Chrometa in its present incarnation does not eliminate the traditional need for manually allocating time to appropriate parties to be billed. In order, then, to avoid backlog, users are encouraged to make prompt reconciliation of time by way of categorizations made on short schedules (daily or weekly). In this way, Chrometa promotes timely billing. It is easier to operate and its screens look clearer when users do their billing seasonably. For attorneys who frequently lag in their billings and therefore miss opportunities to be paid in a timely manner, this helps.

Integrations for law firms

Connect Chrometa to your existing Law Practice management. No need to (re)create a Client/Matter structure, Chrometa imports clients and matters from your existing system and exports automatically captured time to your Timesheets.

Chrometa integrates with major law practice management systems on the cloud: Clio, RocketMatter, Cosmolex, Teamwork and Tabs3 on the desktop.

No Problem! We can retrieve time from Outlook and Gmail and create billable time entries, even if Chrometa was not installed on your PC/Mac.

Just email or call us. Please indicate your available time slots and we’d be happy to schedule a training/demo session.

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