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Automated Time Tracking

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Time is Money

Increase productivity with Chrometa

For a freelancer or a creative, managing the best out of your time is imperative. 

If you have a ‘work from home’ setup, you might have distractions from family. If you work from a co-working office setup, your colleagues might give you a head-ache. And then there’s the ever-present threat of the Facebook newsfeed. 

How can you stay away from that temptation and how can you increase productivity? It all basically boils down to just one thing in the end. – i.e, how you ‘manage’ your time. Because, in a business situation, time is the only thing you can actually control right?

This is how Chrometa will help you:
  • Automatic “set-it-and-forget-it” system: turn Chrometa on, and it stays turned on until you tell it to turn off. It automatically sets and resets your timer for you and can even prompt you to define your Away Time when you have not been active at your PC.
  • Automatic tracker: Chrometa can automatically track the file names, the web page titles, the URLs and the programs you are using as you work on a project or matter. Chrometa can even list the subject of an email that you are typing to track the time spent crafting said email.
  • Use Keyword-Based Rules for Automatic Time Categorization:   This is another way to ensure perfect automation. Let’s say you have a client by the name of “Peterson.” You can use the keyword “Peterson” to automatically track any task with that keyword in the title and categorize that time as being spent on the Peterson project. Don’t worry, this is fully editable should you need to do any revision later.
  • Create Timesheets, Invoices, and Reports:  Of course, no time tracker is complete without detailed timesheets, invoices, and reports. These functions allow you to bring all of your tracked time into one place so you and your clients can view the same summary and know exactly where the project stands.
  • Intuitive interface that makes Chrometa easy to use: separate panels for Active Time and Away Time, a calendar widget, options tabs, and category folders.

You’ll Never Work Alone

Remote work is something we’ve learned to embrace at Chrometa, with almost 40% of our team working remotely from other countries across the world. We also use Slack to improve communication between people separated by oceans and time zones.

MS Office, Adode products, Solidworks, Atom and 99% of desktop applications

Chrometa offers an accurate invoice for each timesheet, you can email to your client from Chrometa

We’d be happy to schedule a one-on-one session to help you set up your team, just email us with your available time slots.

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Track your time down to the second.

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