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Automated Time Tracking

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Employee Time Tracking

Boost Productivity with Chrometa’s Employee Time Tracking Program

When you have employees that are paid by the hours they spend working you know that employee time tracking can be a hassle. Your employees may waste time doing nothing, may not fill their timesheets on time or may create inaccurate entries. The result? Manual time entries and lost revenues due to low productivity. And then, your payroll manager has to manually enter everyone’s hours to calculate wages owed. Manual time entries take up a lot of time, create confusion and cause payroll errors.

How about getting rid of all these hassles?

Chrometa is the time keeping software you’ve been looking for! Integrating this incredible management software in your system will help you get rid of all these issues. No more manual time entries and lost revenues with Chrometa! Our user friendly employee tracking software does not require you to hire skilled staff to maintain the system.

Less Manual Work: Chrometa tracks time, creates automated timesheets and converts them to billable entries, leaving no work for your employees. It’s that simple!

Enhanced Productivity: Increase your revenues with Chrometa! When employees know they’re being tracked, they’re more vigilant, more focused and more productive.

Affordable: Worried about the investment you’ll have to make? Our software is incredibly affordable along with a 30 day free trial period.

Chrometa also offers easy and convenient time tracking solution for employees working off-site with its time tracking app.