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Effective Time Tracking For Your Millennial Workforce

The Generation X has often been characterized on a ‘self-made man model’ – working 40 hours in a week, a house in the suburbs, a wife and two kids and a solid retirement plan. As sound and stable as that may sound, Millennials or Generation Y are not like that at all.

It’s not as if they do not want secure jobs; they hop jobs because they cannot imagine doing one thing throughout their lives and calling it their life’s work.

With a distrust towards hierarchical structures and a great focus on finding meaning through work, Millennials have evidently contrasting values than those of their fathers.

Millennials – The Digital Natives

It would not be wrong to say that Millennials have been brought up in the midst of a digital revolution – a revolution that will be studied by generations to come.

They are called digital natives because they have no recollection of life before computers and Internet took over daily lives.

Millennials use mobile phone technology in almost all aspects of life, including work. The immersion with mobile phones is such that a whopping 83% sleep with their smartphones beside them. With more and more Millennials making up the workforce, businesses would need to drastically change the way they operate if they are to succeed in the long-run.

Time Tracking for Millennial Workforce

No matter what changes are made to the structure of organizations, tracking time will be of utmost importance to all kinds of businesses. Here are some ways time tracking can be made efficient for Millennials:

Millennials Need Flexibility

There is nothing more that Millennials need than flexibility. According to an article by Huffington Post, 64% of Millennials would consider work from home a greater priority than the salary itself. Whether they are working from their personal computers or their smart phones, the time tracking software must be integrated into their systems.

Go For Cloud

An extension of the point above, Millennials must be allowed to work from anywhere they want and not only from their homes. Incorporating aspects of the cloud computing, organizations can provide seamless time tracking for these natives – whether they are working from the comforts of their bed or from a Hawaii beach resort.

The Benefits Can Be Astounding

The benefits of mobile time tracking can reach way beyond profits. You not only have accurate records of what you are paying to what employee for what amount of time, but also have a satisfied group of employees who work according to their set schedules. This may be one of the smartest decisions you can make as a business manager.

Looking for a mobile time tracking software for Millennials? Chrometa provides a time tracking app for Android and iPhone users. Their app provides an easy solution for Millennials working from home.

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