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Automated Time Tracking

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Deployment of Time Tracking System: Getting the Creative on Your Side

If your company is implementing time tracking for employees for the first time, be prepared for some resistance.

It’s no surprise that people often aren’t used to change. Some might find it disrespectful that companies don’t trust their employees. Others might take offense at time tracking, calling it just another method of surveillance..

But if are to improve your staff efficiency while maintaining visibility for your projects, there are some steps you can take to bring your staff on bored. So at the very least, they are willing to try a new system of tracking their work progress.

How to Make Time Tracking Easier for Employees

Talk to Your Managers First

It’s always best to implement a new system gradually. Start off with your managers and have them use the software so they understand its workings and benefits. Once they’ve become used to the software, introduce time tracking to the rest of your employees. Your managers need to support the idea first. With their help, you’ll have a much easier time integrating the software’s use.

Justify the Solution

Everyone needs answers so do your prep work beforehand. When introducing time tracking solutions to your employees, explain why you decided to do so. How it can help you work more efficiently, and how it can benefit your workers as well. Your employees need to know that there’s something in it for them as well.

Give Them an Incentive to Use it

Using such software makes life much easier for employees as well. Companies using such apps can offer remote work options, work bonuses based on the hours their employees put in and paid leaves. Such apps also allow employees to prove their worth and dedication since they are able to show just how much time they spend working.

Show its Shared Vision

Time tracking apps such as Chrometa are so successful because they allow companies to practice three major components of their work system; transparency, efficiency and honesty.

The company strives to be more efficient with seamless tracking systems. The app offers insight into how a project is going and by doing so, explains the structure of the team as well. And finally, it holds everyone accountable for their hard work. This helps improve leadership skills for the talented many.

Find an Easier Tool

The time tracking app you choose for your employees must work seamlessly. It should be usable on multiple operating systems and mobile devices. It should not take up too much memory and should be easy to integrate with different project management tools. It should accurately collect all data and should work even if the employees are offline from the network. Of course, Chrometa satisfies all such demands.

Enforcing the Policy

Although it may be tough at first, be steadfast when enforcing this new time tracking policy. The system should be implemented for everyone, so don’t be lax with senior employees that might be against the new system. Make it clear that they must use this new software so they can be paid on time.

These tips will surely make it much easier for you to implement a time tracking system without facing any workplace challenges!

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