What You Need to Know about Android Time Tracking Apps

Time tracking and management programs are not new, but the vast majority of time tracking software originally introduced is no longer applicable to today’s modern lifestyle. More and more people are working on the go today, and mobile usage is higher than ever. An increasing number of professionals now work from their mobile devices and thus need to be able to track the time spent on the go for billing purposes. Rather than trying to take copious manual notes, Android time tracking apps make it possible for you to track your time efficiently and accurately while on the go.

As an automatic time tracking program that operates quietly in the background, Chrometa’s Android time tracking app converts your phone calls into accurate, billing time entered automatically. How exactly does Chrometa do that?

Chrometa works by capturing your call history. This information includes the date of the phone call, the amount of time spent on the call, and the person with whom you spoke. This Android time tracking app also gives you the choice to use the sync phone calls option to use the calls recorded as time entries in your personalized Chrometa account. This option is particularly beneficial for anyone who needs to bill clients for telephone consultations. When you choose the sync option, Chrometa will match the phone number of your call with your Google Contact listing. As a result, each entry contains the name of your contact as well as the length of the phone call.

In order to make the most of any Android time tracking app, you also need the ability to transfer the time tracked to an accurate timesheet for billing purposes. Chrometa makes it easy for you to send entries to your chosen invoice, timesheet, or billing system. All it takes is a single click of the mouse, and you have an instant timesheet. No more wasting time on creating timesheets when you could be spending that time on something else.

Chrometa will even allow you to assign entries automatically to specific clients or projects using a unique keyword-based rule. All you need to do is perform a keyword search among files or emails for a specific keyword, such as the name of client. This feature helps to ensure that you do not lose out on any billable time.

With Chrometa, you can also take advantage of the option to add manual time entries and then assign those entries to specific projects and clients. Chrometa also offers a stopwatch feature that can be assigned to certain projects. Manual time entries can be particularly beneficial when you are working on the go. All it takes is a few taps on your phone to create relevant time entries.

If you travel frequently and often rely on the use of your smartphone or other Android device while on the go, this Android time tracking app helps to ensure that you do not lose billable time.

What a Time Tracking App Can Do for You

In today’s modern world, it seems as though we are all struggling to get more accomplished in less time. While we certainly have more technologically advanced tools available to us than our grandparents or even our parents, we still frequently face the challenge of trying to manage all of those resources. If you work in an industry in which you need to bill for your time, tracking that time can often prove to be a challenge. Professionals often find that attempting to track their time for billing purposes takes away valuable time they could be spending on paying projects.

Now, there is a solution available that makes it much easier and faster to accurately track your time without wasting time on the process. With a robust time tracking app, such as Chrometa, you gain the ability to track your time without the need to use bulky timers and notes. The Chrometa time tracking app effortlessly captures every minute of your time. Designed to work flawlessly with your PC or Mac, Chrometa serves as your own customized timekeeper. Along with recording the amount of time that you spend working in an application, this time keeping app also notes emails or files that you are working on and then creates a time entry.

Of course, not all of the time that you spend working is actually spent on your computer. In some instances, you may need to create accurate billing records for time spent in meetings or on the phone. Need to bill for a phone consultation? Attending a billable meeting with a client? Not a problem with Chrometa. With this time tracking app for both iPhone and Android, you can accurately capture your time even while you are on the go. An Away Time reminder is sent to you as a prompt for logging meeting times and phone times once you are back at your computer.

Tracking time is great, but it is really only useful if it translates to accurate timesheets. With Chrometa, you gain the ability to organize the time entries created based on your mobile and computer work and then add those entries to an invoice or timesheet automatically. In fact, Chrometa even has a feature that will allow you to specify a keyword to search for in an email address or document title and that time will be assigned automatically to the correct project and client. If you have spent significant amounts of time in the past creating timesheets, this time tracking app is truly a timesaver.

In love with your current billing system, such as FreshBooks or QuickBooks? Chrometa also allows you to invoice clients directly by exporting time to your preferred method or even via email or a printable format, such as PDF or Excel.

With a robust time tracking app, such as Chrometa, you gain the benefit of being able to save time in tracking your time and ensure that you are billing clients accurately.

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