New Export for FreshBooks is Live

We’ve got a new export to FreshBooks available. It’s much smoother than the previous edition, which only let you export invoices over to FreshBfreshbooks timekeepingooks. Now, you can export time entries themselves from Chrometa over to FreshBooks. Here are the specifics on how it works:

  1. You’ll export your Clients, Projects, and Tasks from FreshBooks into Chrometa.
  2. Within Chrometa, you’ll create your timesheet based on the time entries that you capture passively from all of your devices.
  3. You can assign these time entries to FreshBooks Projects and Tasks within Chrometa itself.
  4. When you’ve completed your Timesheet within Chrometa, you can export all of your time entries back to FreshBooks. They’ll look like time entries that you created in FreshBooks itself, with the annotations in Chrometa becoming the notes in FreshBooks.

Need a new 30-day free trial to test this integration? Just click here to get started with our “100% passive” FreshBooks time tracking app:

freshbooks time tracking app