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Automated Time Tracking

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iPhone Call Tracking is Back for Verizon Users

Apple Doesn’t Allow It… So We Figured Out a “Back Door” Way!

Our iPhone call tracking is back! Verizon users, you’re up first. Here’s how to get your Verizon Wireless calls into Chrometa…

Verizon Call Tracking

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Mobile Number or User ID, and your Password.

verizon call tracking


3. On the left-side, go to Manage My AccountView My Usage.

view my verizon usage

4. Click the Minutes tab.

verizon call minutes tracking


5. Go to Current Call Log for Line: Select a Line and select the phone number you want to import calls for.

6. Click Download to SpreadSheet.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.11.57 PM


7. Now, go to the Time screen in Chrometa and click the iPhone button.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.16.37 PM

8. Hit the Choose File button and locate the spreadsheet you downloaded from Click Upload File.

That’s it! You’ve got your Verizon phone calls on their way into Chrometa. They’ll look something like this:

iphone call tracking

FAQ (and Tips & Tricks)

What’s the easiest way to get these phone calls onto my Timesheet?

We’d highly recommend that you create keyword-based rules to assign time entries based on phone numbers automatically. For a full tutorial on rules, please click here.

Do I have to do this every day?

No – just whenever you need these calls on your Chrometa Timesheet. We can intake as many calls as Verizon wants to give us on that spreadsheet that you’re downloading from them.

I don’t want to have to worry about this. Can you just do this all for me?

Yes – we’d be happy to. Just send us an email with your Verizon Wireless User ID and Password (so that we can get your spreadsheet for you), and we’ll run this phone call import daily daily for you.

Coming Soon: AT&T

We’ll be adding support for AT&T call tracking next.

Time Management Software Solves “Where Did My Day Go?” Problem

by Meryl K. Evansmeryl93x125

The recent daylight saving time change has thrown my days for a loop. It takes me at least a week to adapt. I know it feels silly that a mere 60 minutes would affect my day. But it does. I’m one of those people who goes to bed at the same time every day. Sure, I go to sleep 30 minutes earlier or later sometimes. But I can’t do an hour earlier or later.

On the first Monday after daylight saving time returned, I checked out of the office at 7 pm. That’s unusual. Where did the time go? With Chrometa time management software, I can see the break down of where the time went. The summary shows I spent half the day in an Internet browser. Before you go thinking I do mindless surfing, much of the time falls into two buckets: research and customer service.

Like me, you’ve probably had many days when you wonder where the time went. With automatic time management software like Chrometa, you can see exactly where you spend your time.

Find out “Where did the time go?” with time management software

The second activity where I spent most of my time is Microsoft Word. A quick review of my timeline in Chrometa shows a mix of Internet research and writing an article. As Image 1 shows, I spent 2.5 hours in Microsoft Word. But that assumes I did nothing but work on the article for the whole time.

time management software

Before digging deeper, know that I have two monitors. This lets me have a document open on one and do research on the other. It does wonders for productivity. That said, while working on the blog post, I do research or look up information on my second screen.

I click the Microsoft Office Word entry to review all the entries as shown in Image 2. The first one shows almost 2 hours devoted to writing a blog post. I click “Timestamps” to view a drill down of the time spent writing it. Based on the timeline, I worked a little more than 2.5 hours straight on the blog article save for a 10-minute gap.

automatic time management software

What’s this 10 minute gap? It turns out Facebook distracted me. For shame! Still, Chrometa confirms I devoted 2.5 hours to the blog post between researching it and writing it. Although switching to Facebook for a few minutes is disruptive, it would’ve been more so if I had to stop the clock and start it again using a basic timer.

All in all, it was a productive day.

Recording offsite time and working with multiple devices

Not everything you do is on a computer or mobile device. Chrometa covers you by asking you if you’d like to record your time away from the computer. In a couple of clicks, you can assign this time to a project or a client.

I exercised in the early afternoon before switching to morning workouts. Whenever I stepped away from my desk for a set time, Chrometa would greet me upon my return asking if I want to record my offsite time. Entering the time spent exercising time provided a great feeling of accomplishment.

Most days, I’ll do a little work on a laptop. It lets me work standing up or get a change of scenery. Chrometa tracks that time too. While I don’t make phone calls or do much emailing on my phone, I could track that time with its time management software app for phones.

Integrating time management software with other business tools

I use accounting software to manage invoicing, receivables, customers and reports. As Image 3 shows, Chrometa can integrate time reports with accounting, law practice management and project management apps.

time billing management software

Although most accounting software come with a tool for tracking time, they’re basic. You just click the timer to start the clock and click it again to stop it. Rinse. Click. Repeat. This becomes tedious for people who do a variety of tasks throughout the day.

Attorneys, for example, tend to handle multiple cases throughout the day. Each email, phone call, meeting and paperwork needs to be billed to the right client. They don’t always focus on one client at a time. Most will make a chunk of phone calls in one sitting. Then they’ll chunk the next activity.

When I take a Facebook break or any other kind of short break, Chrometa tracks that time. It’s the little things of not having to mess with a timer that make the difference and save time.

Chrometa time tracking management software integrations

It’s more efficient to do the same type of task than to flip between different types of tasks: phone calls, emails, documentation. A better way to do time management for attorneys would be with automatic time management software with integration with Clio or RocketMatter. Chrometa also works with popular project management, accounting and other valuable software used by many businesses.

Here are apps that work with Chrometa time management software:

  • Accounting: QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop and Xero.
  • Calendar entries: Google calendar.
  • Invoicing: FreshBooks.
  • Law practice management: Clio and Rocket Matter.
  • Project Management: Basecamp Classic and Basecamp Next.

Automatic time management software improves your time tracking accuracy as it creates automatic timesheets. Add these integrations, and you save a few steps with invoicing and management. You can create keyword-based rules to automatically assign time entries to the right client or project.

And with the ability to track your time on other computers and devices, you won’t forget one minute of work as Chrometa tracks all your time for you.

Benefits of automatic time management software

Because Chrometa automatically tracks your time, you can work the way you want to work. No longer do you need to try to force how you schedule your day to make it easier to track time. Chrometa has graphs like the one here to give you a visual how much time you spent on client work, project work and personal activities.

Find Unbilled Time Report

The data can be exported into Excel if you want to analyze how much time you spend on your various activities. Lawyers, accountants, freelancers, solopreneurs, real estate agents, financial advisors and other professionals find it more efficient to use time management software to track the tasks they do.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked on tasks for a client only to forget to check the time when I started and finished. Chrometa solves that problem by automatically capturing this information. You can set up the time management software to be as simple or detailed as you want to fit the way you work.

Chrometa Affiliate & Reseller Newsletter: March 2015

Here’s our Affiliate Newsletter for March 2015.  If you didn’t receive this, and you’re interested in joining our affiliate program, please click here to get started.

Here’s what’s in your Chrometa Affiliate Update for March 2015…

  • Major New Version “v5” on the Way…
  • New iPhone and Android apps…
  • New “Passive Timekeeping” Infographic (with Affiliate Link Embedded)…
  • and February Commissions Paid

New “Passive Timekeeping” Infographic (with Your Affiliate Link Embedded)

The notion of “passive” timekeeping can be challenging to describe. So, we created this Infographic to assist: (here’s a preview…)

The linked version above already has your affiliate link embedded. Which means you can just copy the HTML and post it to your website or blog.

I’ve also updated the “one-click” social sharing from your Affiliate Dashboard… so that you can just click to share it on social media. As always, you can track your progress on your affiliate dashboard here:

February Commissions Have Been Paid

If we owed you $100 or more at the end of February, we sent payment via PayPal. Let me know if you didn’t receive it, or would prefer to arrange an alternate form of payment.

As you probably know, you can see your sales and commissions in “real-time” on your Affiliate Dashboard here:

Chrometa for iPhone is Here (and Android Now Captures Text Messages)

As a reminder, our iPhone app is now here… and our Android app now captures text messages.

And if you’re kind enough to leave us a review in the Google Play Store or Apple’s iTunes Store, we’ll credit $50 to your affiliate account as a thank you. We do appreciate your help in leaving reviews.

Also by popular demand we have brought our Verizon-sync for iPhone users BACK! If you’re interested in this feature, just reply back to this email and we’ll get you setup.

Chrometa “v5” on the Way… and More Integrations, Too

Our “web app” interface is getting a facelift – it’s biggest one since 2012. Our goal here is plain and simple – to make it easier to categorize your time entries to the right projects. Preferably automatically, if possible.

Stay tuned for a “beta” opportunity announcement on Chrometa v5.

Also we now have a beta integration running with Tabs3 and QuickBooks Online, too. With more integrations on the way… we’ll be sure to let you know first!


Chrometa Review: “If You Keep Time… You Have To See Chrometa.”

This Chrometa review was originally published in the February/March issue of the MicroLaw Tech Review Newsletter by paid-up Chrometa user Sheryn Bruehl. You can subscribe to their excellent newsletter here.

“If you keep time…you have to see Chrometa.

Sheryn’s Take:

(This isn’t Sheryn)

I hate keeping time. I’m bad at it. Really, really bad at it. And I’m busy. All the time.  I get to the end of most days wondering how it could possibly be stupid-o’clock already, with only the barest idea of where it all went.

I found Chrometa at Chicago LegalTech last year and put it on my list of “things to review one day.” I’ve recommended a few  people take a look at it, but not really advocated one way or another. And then I actually tried it.

Recently I committed to track my time — all my time — for awhile, and knew I was going to need help. I signed up for the Chrometa trial, downloaded the app, and promptly ignored it for the better part of a week (other than dismissing the pop-up messages asking if I wanted to log my “away” time).

What I found was stunning. 

Chrometa runs in the background while you work on your computer, recording everything you do. It follows your screen focus, so it knows every minute you spend on each of the webpages, documents and emails you have open. It records the URL and title of the webpage or document, the subject of the email…and if you download the Outlook Utility, it will even give you the to/from information…minute to minute, every minute of the day (unless you tell it otherwise).  If your mouse and keyboard goes quiet for awhile, Chrometa asks if you’ve been off doing something you want to log, and makes it easy to make a note and assign it to a client or project if you want.

When you go back to look at the app at the end of the day, everything is neatly categorized by program (Chrome, Outlook, Word, etc.) on a summary tab or a time-line tab, divided by hour.  If you’re also using it on your phone or another PC, you can see those too.

It was intimidating to see hundreds of entries that first time, after ignoring it for days.But I quickly figured out how to use the simple sorting rules, and by the end of the next week I had most of my time sorting itself by project — because Chrometa “knows” much of what I am doing by the name of the website, parties to emails, or document titles.

The real proof came the very first week I did reporting. It took me a VERY long time to sort through a whole week of roughly ten hour days, not having made many (or any) rules yet…and not having written a single thing down all week. By the time I finished, I had a lot of new rules, and … 49 hours of clearly accounted for time.

Granted, it was a long and busy week, but I’d sat down thinking I’d barely be able to account for 25-30 hours that I could recall. There is no question in my mind that at least 25% of my time would have “disappeared” without Chrometa.  (Also…I’ve learned that I spend entirely too much time reading the news.)

If you keep time…especially if you’re bad at it…give Chrometa the 30 day trial.You can use it on a PC, a Mac, and Android devices (but not, apparently, an iPhone because Apple application restrictions). It integrates with Clio, Rocketmatter,, among others, and appears to have beta integration with QuickBooks, PCLaw, Timeslips, Google Calendar, and (rumor has it) PracticeMaster. I installed it for a Clio client recently, and it quickly brought down all the clients and matters and started sorting tasks rather neatly. I think he’s going to love it.

Chrometa is $12/month for a basic version, $19 if you want to integrate with your practice manager and/or use more than one device. $29 if you have a lot of devices. But give it the free 30 day trial. You’ll know what it’s worth to you by then.

(Fair disclosure: MicroLaw is a Chrometa affiliate. I pay for my own subscription in full–it’s well worth it.)

For more time tracking software reviews, you can subscribe to MicroLaw’s excellent newsletter here.

Sneak Preview of Chrometa 5.0 This Thursday

Sneak Preview of Chrometa 5.0 This Thursday… New Android App Captures Text Messages… iOS Awaiting Apple Approval… and New Chrometa Integrations: Tabs3, QuickBooks Online, Xero & More…

This Thursday, we’re co-hosting a webcast demo with partner company Clio. And as some of you know, we’re been hard at work on the next major release of Chrometa – version 5.0.

So why not give you a sneak preview of our new release at the same time?

Please join me this Thursday for our special webcast.

New Android App: Capture Text Messages and Time On-The-Go

Our latest version of Chrometa for Android is now available in the Google Play store.

It captures your text messages and phone calls and turns them into billable time entries automatically. The app also makes is easy for you to enter your time on-the-go.

Here’s a quick video overview:

iOS App: On The Way, Too

I was hoping we’d have a Chrometa for iOS link for you in this update, too… but we went back and forth with Apple on final time (we hope).

They have high standards… and are (a bit) picky. But we think we finally addressed all of their issues. We’re eagerly awaiting final iOS app approval.

If you want to receive an email as soon as our iOS App is approved, please click here.

More New Integrations: Tabs3, QuickBooks Online, Xero & More

As I mentioned, on Thursday, we’ll be demo’ing our integration with Clio. It’s a slick flow… and most of our other integrations work this way.

Here’s our updated list, with the latest on top:

  • Tabs3
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • PCLaw
  • Timeslips
  • FreshBooks
  • Rocket Matter
  • Basecamp
  • Google Calendar (for importing calendar entries)

And coming soon:

  • Actionstep
  • Juris
  • Time Matters
  • PCLaw (one-click)

PS – Don’t forget to join me this Thursday for our Chrometa 5.0 sneak preview!

Saving Time with Automatic Time Tracking Mac-Friendly Software

Automatic time tracking Mac-friendly software can present a number of important advantages, including the ability to save time in your invoicing. As everyone involved in business is well aware, time translates to money. The more time that you spend tracking billable time and compiling invoices, the more money that you ultimately lose over time. This is time that could be spent on other areas of your business, including time that could be dedicated to paying clients.

In the past, the solutions to this problem were largely ineffective. While software solutions for tracking time have been introduced to the market, there is still much left to be desired with these solutions. This has proven to be particularly true when it comes to time tracking software for Mac.

A new introduction to the market is making it possible to save time while enjoying the benefits of automatic time tracking — without the need to give up your preferred Mac. With Chrometa, you are able to automatically track all of the time that you spend on your Mac. What makes this solution even more appealing is that Chrometa runs quietly in the background. There is no need for you to do anything at all. This means that you do not need to input data, nor do you need to worry about dealing with stopwatches to ensure that you are billing clients accurately.

Everything is automatically categorized for you. When you are ready to create invoices to send to clients, everything is ready to go. Chrometa also works in conjunction with any other office software you may have, such as QuickBooks.

One of the questions that many people often have about using automatic time tracking is how to discern the difference between billable time and unbillable time. Chrometa also offers a new report feature that makes it easy for you to identify time that is not billed. With this feature, you do not have to spend time going through your tracked time to weed out entries for which you do not need to bill. Chrometa shows you the days for which there is uncategorized time and gives you the ability to go directly to those days.

Estimates indicate that professionals, such as attorneys, often fail to bill for as much as 25 percent of their billable hours. This is typically due to simply being too busy to record the time or poor recording habits. Depending on the amount of your gross billings, failure to bill for 25 percent could amount to significant amounts of money. The process of tracking time for billable hours is a necessary one for many industries. Yet, this does not mean that you need to spend valuable time tracking your time. With the right automatic time tracking Mac-compatible software, you can save time and ensure that you are being paid everything that is due to you.

Chrometa Overview from Brett Owens on Vimeo.

What You Need to Know about Android Time Tracking Apps

Time tracking and management programs are not new, but the vast majority of time tracking software originally introduced is no longer applicable to today’s modern lifestyle. More and more people are working on the go today, and mobile usage is higher than ever. An increasing number of professionals now work from their mobile devices and thus need to be able to track the time spent on the go for billing purposes. Rather than trying to take copious manual notes, Android time tracking apps make it possible for you to track your time efficiently and accurately while on the go.

As an automatic time tracking program that operates quietly in the background, Chrometa’s Android time tracking app converts your phone calls into accurate, billing time entered automatically. How exactly does Chrometa do that?

Chrometa works by capturing your call history. This information includes the date of the phone call, the amount of time spent on the call, and the person with whom you spoke. This Android time tracking app also gives you the choice to use the sync phone calls option to use the calls recorded as time entries in your personalized Chrometa account. This option is particularly beneficial for anyone who needs to bill clients for telephone consultations. When you choose the sync option, Chrometa will match the phone number of your call with your Google Contact listing. As a result, each entry contains the name of your contact as well as the length of the phone call.

In order to make the most of any Android time tracking app, you also need the ability to transfer the time tracked to an accurate timesheet for billing purposes. Chrometa makes it easy for you to send entries to your chosen invoice, timesheet, or billing system. All it takes is a single click of the mouse, and you have an instant timesheet. No more wasting time on creating timesheets when you could be spending that time on something else.

Chrometa will even allow you to assign entries automatically to specific clients or projects using a unique keyword-based rule. All you need to do is perform a keyword search among files or emails for a specific keyword, such as the name of client. This feature helps to ensure that you do not lose out on any billable time.

With Chrometa, you can also take advantage of the option to add manual time entries and then assign those entries to specific projects and clients. Chrometa also offers a stopwatch feature that can be assigned to certain projects. Manual time entries can be particularly beneficial when you are working on the go. All it takes is a few taps on your phone to create relevant time entries.

If you travel frequently and often rely on the use of your smartphone or other Android device while on the go, this Android time tracking app helps to ensure that you do not lose billable time.

What a Time Tracking App Can Do for You

In today’s modern world, it seems as though we are all struggling to get more accomplished in less time. While we certainly have more technologically advanced tools available to us than our grandparents or even our parents, we still frequently face the challenge of trying to manage all of those resources. If you work in an industry in which you need to bill for your time, tracking that time can often prove to be a challenge. Professionals often find that attempting to track their time for billing purposes takes away valuable time they could be spending on paying projects.

Now, there is a solution available that makes it much easier and faster to accurately track your time without wasting time on the process. With a robust time tracking app, such as Chrometa, you gain the ability to track your time without the need to use bulky timers and notes. The Chrometa time tracking app effortlessly captures every minute of your time. Designed to work flawlessly with your PC or Mac, Chrometa serves as your own customized timekeeper. Along with recording the amount of time that you spend working in an application, this time keeping app also notes emails or files that you are working on and then creates a time entry.

Of course, not all of the time that you spend working is actually spent on your computer. In some instances, you may need to create accurate billing records for time spent in meetings or on the phone. Need to bill for a phone consultation? Attending a billable meeting with a client? Not a problem with Chrometa. With this time tracking app for both iPhone and Android, you can accurately capture your time even while you are on the go. An Away Time reminder is sent to you as a prompt for logging meeting times and phone times once you are back at your computer.

Tracking time is great, but it is really only useful if it translates to accurate timesheets. With Chrometa, you gain the ability to organize the time entries created based on your mobile and computer work and then add those entries to an invoice or timesheet automatically. In fact, Chrometa even has a feature that will allow you to specify a keyword to search for in an email address or document title and that time will be assigned automatically to the correct project and client. If you have spent significant amounts of time in the past creating timesheets, this time tracking app is truly a timesaver.

In love with your current billing system, such as FreshBooks or QuickBooks? Chrometa also allows you to invoice clients directly by exporting time to your preferred method or even via email or a printable format, such as PDF or Excel.

With a robust time tracking app, such as Chrometa, you gain the benefit of being able to save time in tracking your time and ensure that you are billing clients accurately.

Please click here for a full tour of Chrometa’s robust time tracking app.

The Latest Innovations in Time Management Software

Time management is certainly not a new introduction to the market. As the world has become more technologically advanced, the need for effective time management software has become stronger. The use of such software is particularly important to a wide range of industries and professions, including consultants, independent contractors, and attorneys. Unfortunately, the first time management software introduced was often bulky and difficult to use. The goal of time management software should be to help professionals track their time quickly and efficiently. In many instances, the ability to bill a project or client accurately relies on efficient time management software.

Today, time management software has evolved to include a robust array of features. Chrometa, for example, offers the ability to track time automatically. There is no need to enter time spent on projects manually. Instead, Chrometa runs quietly in the background on your Mac or PC. The software records the amount of time spent working in specific applications and will even note the email or file that you are working on and then create a time entry for you. As a result, you never have to worry about going back and trying to remember how much time you spent on a particular project or even jotting down notes as you work.

As our world has become increasingly mobile, the need to record time on the go has become particularly important. Professionals today often need to bill for time spent on the phone, in meetings, or even in the car. Among the latest innovations in time management software is the ability to capture your time while you are on the go. With Chrometa’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android, you are able to capture all of your billable time while ensuring that you do not lose any time.

In the past, the process of creating invoices and timesheets was often cumbersome and time consuming. This could be particularly true if you were trying to do so from manual notes and timers. Today, all of that has changed thanks to the latest innovations in time management software. Chrometa gives you the ability to categorize your time entries and then add those entries to an invoice or timesheet automatically. Among the most innovative features of Chrometa is the ability to utilize a keyword-based rules feature that allows you to instruct Chrometa to search for certain keywords in an email address or document title. The time spent on those files can then be automatically assigned to the appropriate project or client.

In addition, the latest time management software will also allow you to invoice clients directly via email, if you wish, or you can opt to export invoices to a printable format or your preferred billing system, such as QuickBooks or FreshBooks. Thus, you are able to continue billing clients in the method you prefer and the way to which they are accustomed while still taking full advantage of all of the benefits offered by Chrometa.