Organize Yourself: Five Time Management Hacks!

Do you have a lot of work and cannot decide where to start from? Worried? Relax! Organize yourself and your work before you start working. All of us have those tough and tiring days at work, but what makes some people different from others is their time management approach. People who organize themselves are the ones who manage to meet even the toughest deadlines! Looking to include yourself in that list? Read on to find out how you can manage time efficiently:

Set Goals

Set positive and attainable goals. Setting goals is not difficult, but make sure that what you aim to achieve is realistic. Do not be tough on yourself and do not set goals which you cannot achieve. No one knows you better than yourself, and you are aware of your capabilities and potential. So set goals accordingly so that when you achieve them, you get that much needed sense of accomplishment! You can also start by breaking your task into steps. Each of these steps can be goals for you.


Plan Breaks

This is important! If you want to manage your time efficiently then make sure that you plan your breaks accordingly. When working on a task, it is important that you complete it before you take a break. This will help you stay focused and keep track of time in a more efficient manner.



Prioritize your tasks and manage your time effectively! It is as easy as that. When you prioritize, you are actually managing time. Tasks are prioritized based on the time they will consume and based on their importance. Make sure that you prioritize the urgent tasks and then move on to the less important less urgent tasks.


Avoid Distraction

Getting rid of distractions is a very important step in organizing yourself and managing time. Many people get distracted easily which leaves them with a lot of unproductive and wasted hours. Avoid distractions, by finding a good place to work. Clean your workstation before you start your work, as a cluttered workstation might also cause distraction. Switch off Wi-Fi while you’re working. This will keep you off your phone and social media and you will concentrate more on your work.


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Are you procrastinating? End it now with these effective Strategies!

Have you been giving less urgent tasks the importance they do not deserve? And delaying urgent tasks to the last minute before the deadline? Congratulations! You have been procrastinating! Facing difficulties in getting rid of this habit? Here are few effective strategies which will help you overcome procrastination and complete your task within the assigned time:

Write Down Tasks

Many of us do not realize its importance, but writing tasks down helps a lot. Create a to-do list and just see how you feel when you cross out those tasks after you’re done! If you have only one or two tasks for the day, write down the different steps that constitute the whole task. You will have a clear path as to how you should go about completing the task and will get started right away!

Be Prepared

Being prepared prior to starting your task will help in many ways. Eliminate the need to move or get up and get everything you need before you start working on the task. Avoid distractions and focus on the task you have and start working on it.

Complete the Complex Task First

Hate a particular task? Had a bad experience with a similar task you worked on before? Complete this unpleasant task first thing in the morning! Yes. Overcome your anxiety and fear of completing that difficult task and work freely the rest of the day, without dreading to complete the complex task!

Think about Negative Consequences

Think about the consequences of not completing the task of time. If you have been procrastinating, you have been avoiding and delaying the most important task of the day. Talk to yourself and ask what will happen if you don’t complete the task. Maybe you’ll have to stay back and complete it or worst, you might miss the deadline. Productive self-talk helps a lot!

Reward Yourself

If you have been finding it hard to complete certain tasks, start rewarding yourself after you complete that task. For instance, get yourself a chocolate and eat it only when you have completed your task. Find the reward you like the most so that you are motivated to complete the task on time!

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5 Reasons to Use Personnel Time Sheet Management Software

In the past, manual time sheet management was one of the most burdensome tasks of personnel management. It was not only time consuming, but was also prone to costly financial errors. However, with the emergence of modern time sheet management tools, it has become a lot simpler and convenient for managers to compile, organize, and process data as well as calculate wages and benefits, ensuring proper deductions and the withholding parameters.

Considering this, it has become essential for every business, regardless of its size, to have an automated time sheet management system in place to ensure accurate and more efficient management of time sheet. If you have not yet acquired an automated time sheet management program for your business, here is why you should do it now.

1.    More Efficient Management of Attendance

With an automated system, the time sheet can be filled out automatically. Using the time clock software, employees can log into the system and register their attendance directly. By eliminating human errors as well as the chances of manipulation, the system allows for more accurate recording of data.

2.    Condensing Information from Multiple Sources

With automation, the data from various departments can be viewed individually or in a grouped format to gain comprehensive project information. This way, managers from various departments can get time and cost reports from multiple sources in an instant to make quick and accurate decisions time tracking solution.

3.    Increased Operational Efficiency

With the integration of time sheet management system into the accounting system, the overall businesses operations become more streamlined. Besides reducing administrative errors, the system also saves time and money by eliminating duplicate data entry and the need to rekey the data multiple times.

4.    Increased Collaboration among Departments

When everyone in the organization is equipped with updated data, it becomes a lot easier for business units to help each other. Besides this, data consistency across all functional units also helps to reduce inaccuracies and errors at every level.

5.    Limited Access Rights

Although automated time sheet management system allows mass distribution of data, it may limit user access to protect the data and personal information, as and when needed.

Besides offering functional advantages, personnel time sheet management features various operational benefits to help companies make their systems simpler, efficient, and error free.

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How Automated Project Management Can Help Your Business

Time and information are amongst the most valuable assets for the success of a project. In a recent survey, the Project Management Institute has found that efficient project management can deliver higher ROI and increased efficiency for crucial business projects.

Considering this, it has become essential for every business to invest its time and resources in well automated time management and cost estimation tools to improve the overall performance of the business.

If you have not yet acquired project management tools for your business, here is why you should do it now.

Improved Project Planning and Estimation Capabilities

Starting things off on the right foot can ensure the successful completion of the project. With a well-integrated time and cost management tool, managers can plan and generate close-to-accurate estimations for the future projects, considering time and cost data.

Besides this, the tool can help managers evaluate the long term impact of the company’s decisions, thus allowing them to standardize their processes to make the system more productive, budget-friendly, and capable of delivering products and services on time.

Minimal Project Risks and Failure

By allowing you to review previous timesheets and manage resources accordingly, automated project management tools enable you to manage risks in a proactive manner. With an accurate planning and clearer insight of the overall project, managers can identify potential risks and take proactive decisions to avoid failures.

Besides this, the real-time availability of time and cost data can help managers manage risks at each stage to reduce their impact and improve the quality of the bottom line. Also, by managing risks at each stage in the project lifecycle, you can ensure that your project is delivered on time and within your budget.

Improved Cash Flow

Well integrated time and cost management tools offer automatic billing, which can significantly improve your cash flow. As the tool can automatically calculate the billable time along with the corresponding amount to send the invoice over to clients, it can help you get your payments without any delay. Also, with quick and efficient billing, the system can eliminate billing errors and ensure improved cash flow and revenue.

Automated project management offers numerous advantages to both large and small businesses. No matter what stage of development your business is, investing in a well integrated project management system can help you upgrade your entire business process.

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Streamlining Expense Reimbursement Using Chrometa

Expense reimbursement is crucial for efficient management of resources, especially when your employees are constantly traveling for business purposes. Depending on your reimbursement policy and procedures, these compensations can significantly affect your profits and the overall growth of the business.

For businesses that are seeking both efficiency and convenience when it comes to reimbursement of expenses, Chrometa is one of the best solutions available today. With its accurate online time tracking software system, the application allows you to cut back on your business expenses without compromising on your needs. Let’s take a look at how Chrometa can help you streamline your business operations.

Efficient Expense Reporting

Using Excel or other non specialized programs can make the reimbursement process unnecessarily long and tedious. Since the reimbursement process typically requires employees to scan and attach relevant receipts and documents for approval from their manager or the finance department, it may take much time and effort to compensate them.

In order to save time and make the process more efficient and reliable, you can add Chrometa to your system.   The Chrometa app

allows you to record the precise time, so it can help you generate more accurate expense reports in a more efficient and quicker manner.

Paperless Expense Management

With Chrometa, employees no longer need to carry receipts during traveling. All they need to do is to install the Chrometa mobile app on their phones to create a time entry for each meeting and activity while moving around. The application can manage their timesheet precisely to generate the relevant reimbursement statements, whenever required.

Policy Compliance

Chrometa allows companies to treat the entire workforce fairly and equally. With an efficient reimbursement system in place, you can ensure uniformity and consistency throughout the system to avoid compensation issues and other related problems.

Reduced Cost and Improved Profits

With greater accountability, the Chrometa app can help you avoid system abuse. This means that you can eliminate irrelevant costs and expenses, which can radically improve your overall profits. Also, by reducing extra expenditures, the app can enable you to make your system more efficient and effective for long term growth and success.

Chrometa app is available for both iOS and Android phones to facilitate billable time entries as well as to calculate their expenses precisely wherever they go.

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Top 5 Advantages of Time Tracking for Businesses

Maintaining an accurate timesheet is one of the most crucial tasks when undertaking a project. Not only does it help managers keep track of the consumption of resources, but also allows them to identify the effectiveness of a project for long term growth and success of the company.

However, regardless of the size and type of the business, every organization must ensure proper time tracking to know how its employees are spending their time in order to manage its operations more effectively.

If you are a project manager, here are a few good reasons why you should consider time tracking and how it can affect your business in various ways.

1.    Better Task Management

Time tracking can help you monitor each task on several different projects effectively. This is especially helpful when you have a limited number of employees who are working on multiple projects. Tracking employees’ time can help you prioritize your projects effectively, which may consequently allow your team members to handle their duties more efficiently.

2.    Better Workflow

With time tracking, employees can determine where they are spending their time and how well they are utilizing it. If they are running behind on their projects, they can reevaluate how they can manage their tasks to make the most of the available time and add greater value to the project. Also, this may help managers rearrange the projects and tasks to meet their goals effectively.

3.    Efficient Payroll Management

Many time tracking programs integrate with the payroll software which helps companies streamline their compensation system. Integration can make sure that employees receive fair compensation for the time and effort they are putting in at work.

4.    Cost Management

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce their additional costs to limit their budgetary needs and improve their bottom line. By helping managers understand the workflow of the company, time tracking programs allow managers to correct cost inefficiencies and inaccuracies and make the project profitable and more successful.

5.    Accurate Billing

Time tracking can help companies create quick and accurate bills to be sent over to the clients. The system is particularly helpful when you are billing your clients on time rather than per project basis. With precise pricing of services, not only can you help your customers prevent unnecessary costs, but also ensure a long term working relationship with them.

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