What’s new in Chrometa: April 2019

Tax season is – finally – over, it’s time now to give your business a boost. With our latest Chrometa updates, you’ll get time-saving features to help simplify your time keeping and team management.

What’s new in April

Practice Panther Integration
Beta update: Time and Budget targets are on their way!
Enhanced Team Timesheet
Bulk Time Entries / Rules Import

*New! Practice Panther Integration

In a nutshell:

PracticePanther is an easy and secure law practice management software for lawyers. With our seamless integration, PracticePanther users can now effortlessly sync accounts and matters from PracticePanther into Chrometa clients and projects. Once connected, Chrometa and PracticePanther stay in sync: A new or updated matter in PracticePanther is automatically synced with Chrometa. After assigning time entries (manually or automatically) in Chrometa, you can export your time (and your team’s data too) to PracticePanther time entries.

Practice time tracking has never been easier!

How it works:

Want to see how to effortlessly integrate Chrometa with PracticePanther. Let’s take a closer look…

Step One: Open the Integrations page and click “Connect…” under Practice Panther

Step Two: After being redirected to Practice Panther, click “Grant Access”.

Step Three: Back in Chrometa, click “Import/Sync Clients and Projects with” and select “Practice Panther”

And that’s it!, after moving time entries to newly imported matters, you can export them to Practice Panther. You can do this either for each matter individually

Or export time entries for all Practice Panther matters in the view.

Not already a Chrometa user? Set up a trial account today and test it out for yourself!

Beta update: Time and Budget targets are on their way! Or how to monitor team work and check team progress

While still under development, beta users get to be the first to try out the budget and time Targets, enhancements, and interface—all designed to help keep very contract and project on time and budget.
This month, beta users were the first to try out Targets. With Targets, you can:

  1. Set a minimum number of hours for a project
  2. Set a maximum number of hours for a project
  3. Set a minimum number of billing for a project
  4. Set a maximum number of billing for a project

Each target is defined by project and for each team member involved in the project. To ensure project success, you need to stay on budget, track time accurately and avoid overbilling.

Next up?

Now that Targets is released in beta, we’ll follow up with

  1. Setting recurring targets
  2. Defining targets on clients
  3. Getting email notifications
  4. Setting targets by phases – tasks

Want early access to new features like Targets? Or, do you want to share feedback to our developers as they work on the app? It’s not too late to participate in the beta program!

Sign up for Chrometa’s mobile beta by sending us an email .

*New! Enhanced Team Timesheet

This month, we’re spotlighting the main tab on the Team Timesheet page that team admins use every day.

The first tab, “By Project”, groups time entries by project, then by day, then by team member and annotation (aka description). Each line follow this template:

Project Name – Date – Team Member – Annotation – Duration

For each project (aka matter), you also get the total time and revenue and options to export to Excel, Clio or create an Invoice. You can also create invoices in bulk for all projects listed in your view from the top menu.

When mousing over a specific line, a link appears “View Details”, click on it and you’ll see the detailed time entries for the specific annotation (they belong to the same project, date and team member as the current line and have the same annotation).

All underlined text is also editable, click the underlined text (in blue), enter the new value (description, duration, or new matter), then hit the ‘Enter’ key

*Featured! Bulk Time Import and Rules

In a nutshell:

This powerful new feature allows you to import a CSV containing your rules and – past – time entries. This method is useful if you want to input time entries and rules into Chrometa and have a large number of lines to enter. It may be useful if you already have exported time from another system (Excel for e.g.). Once the rules/time entries have been imported, Chrometa cleans up duplicate data lines.

How rules import works :

The 3 steps below outline how to upload your rules in bulk

Step One: Click Import from the Summary page.
Step Two: Select ‘Rules’
Step Three: Select a csv file to import. A sample template is available here.

How time import works :

The 3 steps below outline how to upload your time in bulk

Step One: Click Import from the Summary page.
Step Two: Select ‘Time’
Step Three: Select a csv file to import. A sample template is available here.

Not already a Chrometa user? Set up a trial account today and test it out for yourself!

That’s all for now—but we’ll be back next month with more exciting updates!

Have I missed any of the latest and greatest updates from Chrometa? Are there any of the above you’re currently using and loving? Let us know in the comments!

RingCentral Integration for Tracking Phone Calls

Our holiday present to you

With RingCentral and Chrometa, say goodbye to underbilling!

Do you know how much time you spend making and answering calls every day with your RingCentral VoIP phone? You probably spend several hours each day reviewing documents with a remote client, being on the phone for a court hearing or sitting in a conference call… For the majority of lawyers, the total time varies between one and three hours.

No matter how diligent you are at keeping a log of all your calls, chances are you sometimes forget to log a call… or two… by no means a big deal at the end of the day, but a pretty big deal at the end of the month.

And even if you have unrivaled timekeeping skills, reconstructing your time at the end of the day (as it often happens) can be difficult and time consuming, resulting in delays and possible errors. While most people are usually pretty good at remembering what they did over large blocks of time, they tend to forget all the short  calls.

The real problem is under billing…

Our mission at Chrometa has always been to help you stop underbilling, so it is only natural to also focus on tracking phone calls. As you may know, our Android time tracking app integrates seamlessly with Android mobile phones since 2013 and you’ve got all your calls in an automatically built time sheet thanks to our dedicated app.

Landlines and iPhone calls, however, do not offer a similar option – Apple does not allow any work time tracker to keep a call history, and landlines usually don’t have a public API.

… and we have a solution

But here is some good news: if you are using RingCentral, it is in fact now possible to track your landline and iPhone calls thanks to the newest  integration with Chrometa.

After the initial setup, Chrometa imports your RingCentral contacts and syncs them with your existing clients’ contact information. Once created, new contacts are automatically added to your Clients list while existing contacts are kept in sync.

Then the exciting part begins:

Ten (10) minutes after the end of a phone call, the phone call appears in your Chrometa time sheet. That’s right, automatically. You no longer need to write down the exact number of minutes you just spent talking on the phone – and with whom – every time you hang up.  Now, that’s nothing short of a holiday miracle!

The Chrometa – RingCentral sync happens in the background, you do not need to be logged into Chrometa or even have Chrometa running on your PC or Mac for the sync to happen.

Happy holidays!

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how you can set up this exciting new feature:

Fist Connect Chrometa and RingCentral from the Integrations page.

Connect RingCentral
Connect RingCentral to Chrometa

Create rules based on the contact name, phone number and/or extension. Your calls are then automatically to the client. You’re just one click away from the Invoices (or exporting to your favorite Invoicing/Practice Management system).

Phone Number Rules
Phone Number Rules

Review your call log in the Timeline and Time Summary views. The time entry contains all the call details you need to invoice your work: the start time, call length and the contact you called or who called you.

RingCentral Phone Call
RingCentral Phone Call

RingCentral Timesheet
RingCentral Timesheet

PS: Our development team is actively working on adding text messages to the sync process. Also keeping the RingCentral address book in sync with the list of clients in Chrometa, so stay tuned to future announcements!

Faster Clio Integration

New Clio Integration

If you’re using Clio for your practice management, integrating Clio with Chrometa streamlines your workflow. The new Clio API is faster, more secure and adds automatic sync with Chrometa thanks to many new useful features like Webhooks, Bulk Actions.

If you’re not yet familiar with Clio, Clio is a practice management system that offers all you need to run a law practice from intake to invoice, with powerful tools to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, calendars reporting, and accounting. Integrating Chrometa with Clio will automatically build your Clio Timesheet.

Clio’s new features that you can directly use from Chrometa include Webhooks and Bulk Actions. With these, syncing is done in real time and is faster; only new and updated matters are imported or updated in Chrometa.

From Account > Integrations, click on Connect under Clio:


Connect to Chrometa to Clio

In Clio, allow Chrometa to access Clio data:

Allow Clio Chrometa Integration


Turn your correspondence with clients into billable hours

Email to Billable hours


Based on millions of billable hours collected by Chrometa (approaching
1 billion 🙂 ),
our research team found that email reading and writing accounts for up to a third of the total billable time.

Chrometa records time spent reading, replying and composing emails from any device, whether you are using

Gmail or MacMail.

Then a rule is applied to file the email under a client or project. This is the step that we recently removed to
make timekeeping at painless as possible.

Automatic Timesheet

Clients and Projects can have email addresses and phone numbers. When you add/update and email address to a
client/project, Chrometa will automatically move time entries with the email address to the client.

Same thing applies to phone numbers, phone calls and text messages sent or received from your clients are
automatically filed under the client’s timesheet.

All this is done through an auto generated rule: For each phone number and email address, a rule is created and
applies to new entries. As with any rule, it can be
applied to past entries.

When you remove an email address, Chrometa stops moving time entries to the project