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Automated Time Tracking

Mac, PC and Android

Architect Time Tracking

A Different way of Working for Architects

Discuss the objectives of the project, guide the team, run to the construction site, deal with contractors and other professionals and make sure that the construction is up to expectations – that’s a usual day for an architect!

We realize that it’s impossible for you, as an architect, to manage and create accurate timesheets. And we also know that you deserve to get paid for every minute you work and that is why we bring to you one of the best time tracking software for architects, Chrometa! It’ll track time for you, create time sheets and also convert them to billable entries. Don’t just believe us, try it out for yourself.

Keep your team updated on the project outcomes to be achieved at the end of the day with Chrometa. With our team tracking feature, you can share information in real time and keep all members updated regarding the progress of the project. Not sure how you can achieve this with all your members working on the construction site? Chrometa offers time tracking app for architects for all Android and iOS users. Install this app on your smartphone and your team members’ and benefit from this incredible feature!

With our architect time tracking program, you can give your team members the liberty to work from any device, a desktop, laptop or their smartphone conveniently. Chrometa offers incredible pricing plans with 30 days trial period.