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Automated Time Tracking

Mac, PC and Android


Automatic Time Tracking on your PC

Chrometa for Windows Automatic Time Tracking automatically tracks the time you spend on your PC – so that you can easily reference and categorize your time later on, without having to manually track it as you work. 

It logs all your computer activity and also helps you capture phone and meeting time spent away from your PC. Categorize your activities to clients/projects with a simple drag and drop (just like organizing your Outlook inbox). Because Chrometa is “smart”, it will remember your categorizations for future use, making time reconciliation a snap. Step away from your PC, and Chrometa starts its away timer. When you get back to your PC, it will remind you to add a note about your away time.
Automatically Generated Timeline

Setup on Windows

  1. Download Chrometa for Windows
  2. Run the installer (exe file)
  3. Chrometa will start up, and will prompt you to create an account and register your new device.  If you are not yet a Chrometa user, select the first option: “I don’t have a Chrometa account”.  (If you are an existing Chrometa user, and you are adding a new Mac to your account, select “I already have a Chrometa account”).

Chrometa is a signed application by Digicert, however, depending on your PC’s security settings, you might need to whitelist the app on your antivirus (Norton, Kaspersky…)

That’s it! Start working on your PC while Chrometa keeps track of your work.