Boost your Productivity with these Time Management Skills

Have you ever thought that your coworkers are doing more work? Do you feel you are unproductive? Don’t be embarrassed if the answer to these questions is Yes. There are many people who feel the same way as you do. You need to realize that your coworkers are not programmed to work the way they do. They are better time managers and work smartly, which is why they are better than you. If you want to turn things around for yourself, make these effective tips a part of your routine:

Find out about Yourself

Every person has something unique. Figure out that your strengths are and what working style suits you best. Productivity does not have any set standards because each person has a different personality. One person might be able to work for hours without taking a break, whereas another person will require a fifteen minute break every two hours.

Keep a Check on Time

Most of us plan our work and tasks, but do not keep a track of time. Time tracking is essential to understand where we are lacking and which areas we need to improve on. One effective and stress free way of tracking time is installing a time tracking program. This will help in managing time and improving productivity.

Work on your Routine

Take a look at your daily routine. Are you putting in enough efforts to become a productive employee? If not, you need to change your routine. Reflect and learn what activities are taking up most of your time during the day (time tracking can help here). Once you identify these activities, work towards improving your work habit and focus only on the task in hand.

Never Multitask

Got too many tasks to complete? No, don’t even think about multitasking! You can improve your productivity in a much effective manner by focusing on one task at a time. Multitasking causes you to lose your focus and even though you work whole day, you won’t be able to complete your work on time.

Stay away from Procrastination

Are you putting off work? Find out the actual reason why you’ve been delaying work. Do you have too many tasks in hand? Or are you afraid of failure? Whatever it is, find out and work positively towards resolving the issue and experience a boost in your productivity.


The easiest way to boost your productivity is to track time through Chrometa! Our time tracking software will help you to learn where you have been investing your time throughout the day and facilitate to eliminate unproductive activities from your routine.

Become a Better Time Manager with these Effective Tips

Each of us has a tendency to look for shortcuts for completing our work. We want to get more work done, faster each time. However, not many of understand that a shortcut may lead to work delays. Multitasking is another concept that is assumed to help you save time. You take on simultaneous tasks to meet deadlines.

However, in reality, you realize that it has proven more of a failure than a success strategy. The true solution is time management.

Not convinced? We’ll prove how time management actually helps:

Prioritizing your Day

This is one of the most efficient and effective ways of time management. Get to your workstation and see what tasks and projects you have lined up for the day. Start with the most important task first. Most of us tend to postpone important tasks, and start working on the simpler tasks first.

If you do the same, there’s a probability that you’ll be left with tough tasks by the end of the day. Thus, organize your day and get done with difficult tasks in the morning. Completing them will motivate you to complete the remaining work faster.

Planning your Weeks

Planning your weeks is important. You know which tasks have to be completed in a week, thus you might overburden yourself by doing extra wok daily. Don’t stress yourself and work through a weekly schedule. It will give you a fair idea of what tasks you’ll be completing by the end of the week. Thus, you’ll be in a better position to see if you need to put in extra effort and hours or you’ll be able to complete your tasks at the same pace of work.

Grouping different Activities of a Task to One

There are various activities involved in completion of a task. For instance if you need to complete an audit report, you need to gather information, coordinate with other departments and if needed schedule meetings with managers. All these are activities that are required to prepare an audit report. Group all such activities and follow a step by step approach. Gather information, coordinate and attend meetings. Also time yourself with the help of a time tracking program to see if you have been following the set schedule or not. At the end of the day, you’ll be in a much better position to work on your audit report and submit the same on time.

Wondering time tracking isn’t easy as it sounds? Well, now it is, with Chrometa! Our effective time tracking software helps in managing time in an efficient manner so that you not only work faster, but better too!

Stop Multitasking And Get Your Work Done!

Does multitasking get more work done? Does it help you become more productive? The answer to these questions is a simple, yet resounding, ‘no’.

Multitasking only helps in assuming that you’re doing a lot of work. In reality, you’re spending more hours doing less work. Instead of doing many things at the same time, put your efforts in competing one task at a time. Here’s how you can do more in less time by avoiding multitasking:

Focus on your Current Task

Focus on the task in hand, instead of putting your efforts in focusing on the next task. Focusing on two or three tasks at once, results in loss of energy as well as time. You’ll remain too busy; but at the end of the day, none of your tasks will be accomplished. Working on multiple tasks simultaneously will not only divide your attention, but will also lead to sloppy mistakes. If you’re working on a project, don’t respond to emails during that time. Emails can wait till you complete your current task, or perhaps before.

Get rid of Interruptions

Messages, personal phone calls and social media – get rid of all these interruptions when you start working. You won’t even realize and they’ll take up too much of your time during work hours. If you’re working at home, shut the door of your room to work in an interruption-free environment.

Clean your Workspace

De-cluttering is an effective way of avoiding multitasking. Papers and files lying on your table may catch your attention time and again, even though you don’t intend to focus on it. Get rid of everything on your table, except for the task you’re working on.

Complete your Tasks before Moving on

Don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to complete in a day! While focusing and working on one task, don’t just jump to the next one. Take on tasks to its completion and then move on to the next one. Put in your efforts to complete a task with 100% accuracy instead of submitting low quality work at the end of the day.

Track Time

Track time with a software and you will certainly realize that you’ve been working the wrong way till now! With a time tracking program, you’ll have a clear picture where you have been spending most of your time. Gauge if the time spent on multitasking has done any good to you or just wasted your day.

If you’ve been looking for effective ways to get rid of multitasking, Chrometa can help. Our amazing time tracking software can help you learn where you’ve been spending most of your time and enhance your time management skills.

Organize Yourself: Five Time Management Hacks!

Do you have a lot of work and cannot decide where to start from? Worried? Relax! Organize yourself and your work before you start working. All of us have those tough and tiring days at work, but what makes some people different from others is their time management approach. People who organize themselves are the ones who manage to meet even the toughest deadlines! Looking to include yourself in that list? Read on to find out how you can manage time efficiently:

Set Goals

Set positive and attainable goals. Setting goals is not difficult, but make sure that what you aim to achieve is realistic. Do not be tough on yourself and do not set goals which you cannot achieve. No one knows you better than yourself, and you are aware of your capabilities and potential. So set goals accordingly so that when you achieve them, you get that much needed sense of accomplishment! You can also start by breaking your task into steps. Each of these steps can be goals for you.


Plan Breaks

This is important! If you want to manage your time efficiently then make sure that you plan your breaks accordingly. When working on a task, it is important that you complete it before you take a break. This will help you stay focused and keep track of time in a more efficient manner.



Prioritize your tasks and manage your time effectively! It is as easy as that. When you prioritize, you are actually managing time. Tasks are prioritized based on the time they will consume and based on their importance. Make sure that you prioritize the urgent tasks and then move on to the less important less urgent tasks.


Avoid Distraction

Getting rid of distractions is a very important step in organizing yourself and managing time. Many people get distracted easily which leaves them with a lot of unproductive and wasted hours. Avoid distractions, by finding a good place to work. Clean your workstation before you start your work, as a cluttered workstation might also cause distraction. Switch off Wi-Fi while you’re working. This will keep you off your phone and social media and you will concentrate more on your work.


Looking for a time tracking solution, in addition to time management? Chrometa – the incredible time tracking software is designed for your convenience! Click here to learn more about our amazing software.

Are you procrastinating? End it now with these effective Strategies!

Have you been giving less urgent tasks the importance they do not deserve? And delaying urgent tasks to the last minute before the deadline? Congratulations! You have been procrastinating! Facing difficulties in getting rid of this habit? Here are few effective strategies which will help you overcome procrastination and complete your task within the assigned time:

Write Down Tasks

Many of us do not realize its importance, but writing tasks down helps a lot. Create a to-do list and just see how you feel when you cross out those tasks after you’re done! If you have only one or two tasks for the day, write down the different steps that constitute the whole task. You will have a clear path as to how you should go about completing the task and will get started right away!

Be Prepared

Being prepared prior to starting your task will help in many ways. Eliminate the need to move or get up and get everything you need before you start working on the task. Avoid distractions and focus on the task you have and start working on it.

Complete the Complex Task First

Hate a particular task? Had a bad experience with a similar task you worked on before? Complete this unpleasant task first thing in the morning! Yes. Overcome your anxiety and fear of completing that difficult task and work freely the rest of the day, without dreading to complete the complex task!

Think about Negative Consequences

Think about the consequences of not completing the task of time. If you have been procrastinating, you have been avoiding and delaying the most important task of the day. Talk to yourself and ask what will happen if you don’t complete the task. Maybe you’ll have to stay back and complete it or worst, you might miss the deadline. Productive self-talk helps a lot!

Reward Yourself

If you have been finding it hard to complete certain tasks, start rewarding yourself after you complete that task. For instance, get yourself a chocolate and eat it only when you have completed your task. Find the reward you like the most so that you are motivated to complete the task on time!

Does procrastination make it hard for you to manage and track time? Are you able to complete tasks, but unable to track time? Chrometa – the incredible time tracking software helps you in tracking time in the most efficient manner! Click here to learn more about our amazing program.

Sneak Preview of Chrometa 5.0 This Thursday

Sneak Preview of Chrometa 5.0 This Thursday… New Android App Captures Text Messages… iOS Awaiting Apple Approval… and New Chrometa Integrations: Tabs3, QuickBooks Online, Xero & More…

This Thursday, we’re co-hosting a webcast demo with partner company Clio. And as some of you know, we’re been hard at work on the next major release of Chrometa – version 5.0.

So why not give you a sneak preview of our new release at the same time?

Please join me this Thursday for our special webcast.

New Android App: Capture Text Messages and Time On-The-Go

Our latest version of Chrometa for Android is now available in the Google Play store.

It captures your text messages and phone calls and turns them into billable time entries automatically. The app also makes is easy for you to enter your time on-the-go.

Here’s a quick video overview:

iOS App: On The Way, Too

I was hoping we’d have a Chrometa for iOS link for you in this update, too… but we went back and forth with Apple on final time (we hope).

They have high standards… and are (a bit) picky. But we think we finally addressed all of their issues. We’re eagerly awaiting final iOS app approval.

If you want to receive an email as soon as our iOS App is approved, please click here.

More New Integrations: Tabs3, QuickBooks Online, Xero & More

As I mentioned, on Thursday, we’ll be demo’ing our integration with Clio. It’s a slick flow… and most of our other integrations work this way.

Here’s our updated list, with the latest on top:

  • Tabs3
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • PCLaw
  • Timeslips
  • FreshBooks
  • Rocket Matter
  • Basecamp
  • Google Calendar (for importing calendar entries)

And coming soon:

  • Actionstep
  • Juris
  • Time Matters
  • PCLaw (one-click)

PS – Don’t forget to join me this Thursday for our Chrometa 5.0 sneak preview!