Call Time Tracking iPhone FAQs

Of course I forgot to include the actual link to our new and improved Chrometa (call time tracking iPhone app) yesterday. So here it is – and while we’re chatting, let me address your FAQs on the app as well (thanks to everyone who wrote in).

New Chrometa for iPhone (VoIP Edition)

call time tracking iphone

Is This Different From Previous Chrometa iPhone Apps?

Yes! This is a VoIP app that lets us capture and sync the phone calls you make, and text messages you send, into your main Chrometa account.

So, it Works Like the Android App?

You bet. Android users, if you need our Android app, you can get it from the Google Play store here.

Will This Sync with Chrometa Automatically?

Yes. Any correspondences you make using our new VoIP iPhone app will sync up with your main Chrometa account.

Can I Share Feedback on the App with You?

Please do. Your feedback helps us prioritize and schedule our development efforts in the months ahead.

If you have a mobile timekeeping wish, we want to hear it. (Same goes for other feature requests, too. You can respond directly to this email, and/or share thoughts in our feature request forum here).

I’d Like to Revisit Chrometa. Can I Get a Fresh 30-Day Free Trial?

Of course. You can click here to start your free trial, and implement 100% “passive” timekeeping today.