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  • Windows Time Tracker for Tabs3

    Chrometa’s PC Time Tracker for Tabs3 will “passively” capture your time as you work on your computer. It will also help you categorize this time to the right matter, and sync it back with Tabs3.

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  • Mac Time Tracker (Optional)

    If you’re a Mac user, you can also install Chrometa’s Mac Time Tracker. Like the PC version, it will also capture your time “passively” – and let you sync these time entries back to Tabs3.

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  • Tabs3 & Chrometa Setup Guide

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Our resident “automatic time tracking experts” Adam Jacobs and Jennifer Goodman are available 7 days a week to help you get Chrometa up and running right away. If you need a hand, please message them (in the lower-right of your screen).


Chrometa captures every minute of your time as you work on your PC and/or Mac.

It acts as your personal timekeeper by recording how long you are working in an application, specifically noting what file or email you are working on, creating a time entry for you.