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“Automate” Your Time Tracking – And Save 20% For Life, Too

If you’re like most busy attorneys that I know, you’re probably too busy to keep track of every minute of your day. Amidst the nonstop barrage of emails and interruptions, it’s easy to lose track of your billable time.

Fortunately, we have a software tool for attorneys that solves this problem. It captures every minute you spend on your computer and smartphone – so that you can get paid for all of your billable time (and hard work).

How To Capture All Your Billable Time

Chrometa helps you account for every minute of your billable time accurately and easily.

Our “automatic” time tracking apps for Mac, PC, and smartphones capture all of your time spent sending emails to clients, drafting documents, researching on the web, and calling / texting from your phone – so that you can bill and get paid for all your hard work.

Please watch this one-minute video to see how Chrometa works. Then, read on to claim your Social Law discount.

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