Tracking Phone & Meeting Time

Capturing Non-Computer Time

Tracking Phone & Meeting “Away Time”

When your computer is idle for a period of time (by default 5 minutes), Chrometa will stop recording active computer time, because you may be on the phone, or off to a meeting.

When you return to your computer, Chrometa will ask you if you’d like to log the time while you were away.

Reviewing Your Away Time Entries

Your Away Time entries can be found at the bottom of the Unbilled Time section on the Summary screen.

They are also visible from the Timeline screen, listed there in chronological order with your computer time entries.

Splitting an Away Time Entry

To split an Away Time entry, mouse over the entry itself, and click the Split Time button that appears towards the right.

This popup will appear – move the slider to the left or right to allocate time to the first or second segment.

Adding a Manual Time Entry

Manual entries are ideal for time entries that are not reflected in your Computer or Away Time. You can annotate, categorize, and add them to your Timesheet in the same manner as an automatically captured entry.