Track Employee and Volunteer Time with Nonprofit Time Tracking Software

Track employee and volunteer time against the programs and grants you manage. Operating a nonprofit organization is not as easy as it seems. It’s hectic and time consuming. With all the programs scheduled back to back with no time to relax, it is impossible for your volunteers and employees to manage their time sheets accurately. Some of them may not even create a time sheet, let alone maintaining them.

So why not help them out with a nonprofit time tracker? Chrometa is a time tracking program that helps companies and individuals track time, manage time sheets, share information in real time at extremely affordable rates. Our pricing plan includes a 30 day trial period for all our customers so that they can use our software, review it and gauge whether it is suitable for them or not.

Learn where your employees and volunteers spend most of their time with our nonprofit time tracking app. Employees and volunteers can install this app on their android smartphone or iPhone and benefit from our incredible features.

Chrometa provides you with an opportunity to track your employees’ and volunteers’ and create automated timesheets for them. Now with Chrometa, you can get rid of all manual work, streamline payroll and put in all your efforts in successful fundraisers for your organization.