“Passive” Timekeeping for LexisNexis® Time Matters®

Introducing Chrometa for Time Matters® “Time Capture”

Really easy and accurate timekeeping – without notes or timers! Chrometa’s passive time trackers will capture your computer and smartphone time “automatically” as you work throughout the day. Every minute you spend on a document, email and phone call becomes a time entry – which you can export to Juris®, PCLaw® & Time Matters®.

Time trackers available for PC, Mac, iPhone & Android. And full integrations with LexisNexis® Law Firm Practice Management Solutions.

Training Webinar This Friday

During this webinar, you will learn about Chrometa, the first LexisNexis Gateway partner for passive time capture. Chrometa helps firms capture more billable time spent on email, online research, phone calls and more—automatically and without the need to use timers! Chrometa can help increase billable time by 20% or more while simultaneously decreasing hours worked. There will also be a live demo showing how Chrometa works within the Time Matters software, followed by a Q&A period.

Presented by Brett Owens, the Co-Founder and CEO of Chrometa, the leading software company focused on passive timekeeping. Brett is also the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of LeadDyno, a leading affiliate marketing solution for e-commerce stores. He is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering.

Please sign up for the webinar here.

Start Your 30-Day Free Trial Here

Our installation wizard will walk you through our quick sign up process, and help you get Chrometa connected with your LexisNexis® Law Firm Practice Management Solution. Just double-click the file you just downloaded to get started. And you can schedule a complimentary 1:1 product training session right here, too.

  • Windows Installation

    Chrometa’s Time Collector for Windows will automatically capture the time you spend on your PC – so that you can easily reference and categorize your time later on, without having to manually track it as you work.

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  • Mac Installation

    Chrometa’s Time Collector for Mac will automatically capture the time you spend on your Mac – so that you can easily reference and categorize your time later on, without having to manually track it as you work. After you install, open from the Applications folder

    Download Now

  • Android Installation

    Our new Android app turns your phone calls and text messages into billable time entries automatically. It helps you easily track your time while on-the-go, too.

    Install From Play Store

  • iOS Installation (New!)

    Our Chrometa iOS App now available! It will help you keep time on your iPhone and iPad.

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4-Minute Demo Video: How Chrometa Captures Your Time Passively

Watch this 4-minute demo on Vimeo.com.

Capture Your Computer (Mac & PC) Time As You Work

Chrometa’s automatic time trackers for Mac and PC capture your computer-based time as you work. For example, if you’re working on a file, Chrometa will also capture the file name. If you’re responding to an email, Chrometa will capture the Subject Line of the email, along with the To/From and CC lines. More on email in a minute. And if it’s a website you’re using, Chrometa will capture the URL and title of the web page.

As you jump around and start working on something else, Chrometa will stop timing the previous task, and start timing the new one. It doesn’t matter how many windows you have open – we’ll only capture time spent on the active window. The end result is that you’ll have every minute of your day accounted for – and you won’t have to worry about hitting a start/stop timer, or keeping manual timekeeping notes as you work.


Here’s a Timeline “breakdown” of a PDF document I read for 7 minutes total.

And Yes, This Includes Email Time Too

Chrometa’s time capture plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Mac Mail make sure that all of your time spent writing and responding to emails gets captured, too. As you know, email time can be very challenging to keep track of as you work, because we often handle email in “rapid fire” mode.

Chrometa for LexisNexis® solves this problem by capturing the Subject Line of every email, along with the To / From / CC line, and the time spent on this email. It will create time entries for you that look like this:

email time tracking

Which you can then categorize to the appropriate matters in Juris®, PCLaw® & Time Matters® – either via our web interface, or by using keyword-based rules to do the categorizing for you.

Track Mobile Phone Calls & Text Messages, Too

Chrometa for Android will track your phone calls and text messages, sync them with your Google Contacts, and create time entries automatically for you. It will also help you log time entries directly from your phone, too.

Chrometa for iPhone also helps you log time entries from your phone. And it will tap into your carrier (for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint) customers so that you can create time entries from your phone calls.

About LexisNexis® Time Matters

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Time Matters® is an award-winning practice management program that maintains and connects all of your client, case and document data in one instantly searchable database. Time Matters is also fully integrated with Microsoft® Outlook® and includes Time Entry Advisor, which makes it easy to capture billable time. Learn more about Time Matters® here.