Increase your Revenues with Chrometa’s Construction Time Tracking Software

Do you work in multiple locations throughout the day? Find it difficult to remember all your activities to record them at the end of the day? Stress not, we’ve got a perfect solution for you – construction time tracking software, Chrometa!

Our software will not only track time for you, but will also help in sharing information. Whether you’re working with a team or want to keep your manager updated, Chrometa will do it for you. This feature of Chrometa eliminates the need to create daily reports so that everyone is on the same page. Chrometa helps you save time and facilitates real time information sharing.

Out of 7 construction workers only 2 get accurately paid. Others, either are poor time keepers, or lose much of their income in inaccurate entries. We can solve this problem for you! Tracking time with Chrometa will help you get rid of manual time recording entries, thus boosting your income.

Working on the go? On your smartphone? Even then Chrometa can help with its construction time tracking app. Available for all Android and iOS users, Chrometa helps construction workers bill the time they spent talking on the phone with a dealer or replying to emails from their manager or team mates through their smartphone. Each and every second that you spend working is tracked and recorded with Chrometa!

Construction time tracking has never been this easy. Our affordable software is available for a 30 day free trial period. Start yours now!