Effective Time Tracking For Your Millennial Workforce

The Generation X has often been characterized on a ‘self-made man model’ – working 40 hours in a week, a house in the suburbs, a wife and two kids and a solid retirement plan. As sound and stable as that may sound, Millennials or Generation Y are not like that at all.

It’s not as if they do not want secure jobs; they hop jobs because they cannot imagine doing one thing throughout their lives and calling it their life’s work.

With a distrust towards hierarchical structures and a great focus on finding meaning through work, Millennials have evidently contrasting values than those of their fathers.

Millennials – The Digital Natives

It would not be wrong to say that Millennials have been brought up in the midst of a digital revolution – a revolution that will be studied by generations to come.

They are called digital natives because they have no recollection of life before computers and Internet took over daily lives.

Millennials use mobile phone technology in almost all aspects of life, including work. The immersion with mobile phones is such that a whopping 83% sleep with their smartphones beside them. With more and more Millennials making up the workforce, businesses would need to drastically change the way they operate if they are to succeed in the long-run.

Time Tracking for Millennial Workforce

No matter what changes are made to the structure of organizations, tracking time will be of utmost importance to all kinds of businesses. Here are some ways time tracking can be made efficient for Millennials:

Millennials Need Flexibility

There is nothing more that Millennials need than flexibility. According to an article by Huffington Post, 64% of Millennials would consider work from home a greater priority than the salary itself. Whether they are working from their personal computers or their smart phones, the time tracking software must be integrated into their systems.

Go For Cloud

An extension of the point above, Millennials must be allowed to work from anywhere they want and not only from their homes. Incorporating aspects of the cloud computing, organizations can provide seamless time tracking for these natives – whether they are working from the comforts of their bed or from a Hawaii beach resort.

The Benefits Can Be Astounding

The benefits of mobile time tracking can reach way beyond profits. You not only have accurate records of what you are paying to what employee for what amount of time, but also have a satisfied group of employees who work according to their set schedules. This may be one of the smartest decisions you can make as a business manager.

Looking for a mobile time tracking software for Millennials? Chrometa provides a time tracking app for Android and iPhone users. Their app provides an easy solution for Millennials working from home.

Time Tracking Software Windows Users Crave

At a time when jewelers primarily made and repaired timepieces, jeweler Willard Bundy developed a solution that grew rapidly – the time clock. The timeclock and timesheet eventually became time tracking software windowsbusiness standards in tracking billable/paid hours. However, these tedious and error-prone instruments lost their utility when cheap computers entered industry and small business. Computer use began the evolution of all aspects of business including time-tracking.

Microsoft Windows’ entry made technology more accessible, but its Office suite aligned organizations and powered business in a way no other set of tools achieved. Office’s Excel served as major time-tracking software Windows users relied on. Its design exploited 80s predecessors and Microsoft’s vision in pairing digital data with ease-of-use.

Tailored time-tracking solutions emerged with the explosion of IT across sectors. The combination of internet’s market penetration, falling technology prices, and rising technology power made IT critical and irresistible to competitive organizations. These purpose-built solutions offered impressive options and configurations whether standalone, plugins, or built-in functionalities of systems.

The next generation of time-tracking tools promises the power of IoT. They go beyond your typical screen capture and timers into precise, omnipresent technology acting as an assistant (or manager).

windows tracking softwareThe Importance of Time-Tracking

The time-tracking software Windows users employ may seem like common tools for routine administrative tasks, but related problems can devastate businesses. Harvard Business Review reveals insufficient tracking costs the US economy an estimated 50 million hours in losses, or a daily loss of over $7 billion. Part of this comes from simple tasks like email, which a survey shows results in a yearly loss of $50,000 per worker. Many organizations battle this issue, but many remain totally unaware. They work harder and longer without proper compensation, or without knowledge of leak impact.

Fortunately, many have isolated the problems in time-tracking requiring the most attention. Any viable solutions address these areas and their effect on operations and business:

  • Reliability – Accurate and consistent tracking records are required for financial reporting, employee compensation, financial management, and much more.
  • Human Error – Manual data entry introduces high risk of serious errors, so systems must avoid it as much as possible.
  • Productivity – Records must accurately reflect employee activities in order to present a clear picture of resource use.
  • Fraud – Systems need mechanisms to protect against fraud or exploits in records and tracking.
  • Automation – Manual data entry slows productivity to a crawl, so automation is of course preferred.
  • Transparency and Optimization – Records must reveal all activities performed, resources used, and locations employed. This aids in compliance, project management, operations, and other aspects of business. It also offers deep insight, and reveals opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Corrections – Records cannot avoid errors, but system management of them must avoid excessive lag and provide proper access.
  • Alignment – A system must integrate seamlessly with organizational procedures and existing IT infrastructure.

A Powerful Solution

Though many strong options with rich features exist, many time-tracking solutions suffer from fundamental problems. The biggest issues are ease-of-use and active use. Most of the time-tracking software Windows users employ simply gets in the way, or proves overly involved to use. An ideal tool quietly observes and records activities without interfering, weighing your system down, or requiring heavy intervention. Another major issue in time-tracking is the lack of sophistication. Better tools perform smart time-tracking. They not only record, but also precisely interpret and predict.

timekeeping software

Our smart solution Chrometa passively captures time on a PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device. Its capture documents every minute of your work time, and addresses all qualities of device and system use. This includes granular focus like time spent on a single email, its subject line, and its sender or target. It could also mean the name of an active file and its application, or the URL of a website and its title.

time-tracker-windowsNote that Chrometa only captures information on the active task, regardless of how much you switch. On an idle mouse and keyboard, it triggers a prompt for intervention. This design allows you to optimize your work rhythm while still maintaining accurate records.

Chrometa timesheets offer the accuracy of keyword-based rules. You simply set it to assign entries to specific clients and projects, and then you enjoy robust precision when tracking multiple projects.

It also delivers seamless integration for capture across devices. This means you can switch devices comfortably with the confidence that it recordsclio time trackingeverything. Strong integration also supports exports to multiple applications; for example, QuickBooks, Xero, Freshbooks, and Clio. You work unrestricted by system ecosystems or proprietary technology, and integrate in whatever infrastructure you prefer.

Chrometa includes many other competitive features like professional invoices and time entry creation through email. Leverage the Chrometa advantage today by exploring our solution in a 30-day free trial.

How Chrometa Can Be Ideal For Architects

As an architect, managing and tracking time is of utmost significance to you. With plenty of projects being managed simultaneously, you need to know where everybody’s time is being spent.

Chrometa provides an exceptional solution. The outstanding tool has made time tracking for architects a whole lot easier.

Some Amazing Features

Chrometa has been making lives easier, helping architects concentrate on their actual jobs. It can not only make their administrative tasks easier, but also ensures effective time management. Let’s take a look at some of its amazing features:

Time Tracking from Mobiles

Chrometa allows incredible time tracking from mobile phones. This online software tool ensures that you can track time while you are working on a remote construction site. Furthermore, you can synchronize all your phone calls to your Chrometa account which will create a record for each phone call you or your employee make. If the phone call was work-related, you can charge your client.

All you have to do is download our app from Google Play Store, which is available for all Android and iPhone users.

Automatic Timesheets

The problem with traditional timesheets or spreadsheets was that they required you to manually type all the entries, which was not only time-consuming but hectic too. However, with Chrometa, an accurate and detailed timesheet is generated with just a single click. Not only that, the billable entries of work-related calls from your smartphones can also be easily integrated into the timesheet.

Detailed Report

Whether it is time spent on reading documents or on any websites, Chrometa keeps a thorough record of all activities and can generate a detailed report any time you want. It can also create a thorough, yet simple, professionally developed invoice. This guarantees that there are no confusions between you and your clients.

Email Integration

Although you are an architect who works in the field, it is very likely that a lot of your time is spent collaborating with clients through email. Chrometa makes sure that it captures all the time you spend sending and reading emails. With clear categorization in the time sheet, Chrometa creates separate entries by email.

Chrometa helps architects become better at their jobs, streamlining the time they spend on each task. With all the above features, the incredible time tracking software for architects ensures that they get paid for every minute they work. Contact us to know more about us.

Save Your Team Some Time with Time-Tracking Software

Time tracking software is primarily designed to help businesses and individuals save time, and utilize it in a more productive way.

Opting for the wrong time management software can make you lose even more resources. Hence, selecting an appropriate time tracking software will not only save time, but also make your work processes and employees more productive.

Whenever you implement a new system or process, it can pose some serious risks. These risks can be financially demanding or time-consuming. Before you invest in a time tracking solution, make sure that will make your business more efficient and productive.

Here are a few key factors to evaluate:


A good time tracking software should run smoothly in the background, recording time and activities flawlessly. It is important for employees to be able to start using the software instantly. Evaluate the user interface and analyze the experience of using it for day-to-day time tracking. Go through the process of introduction and assimilation to see how employees find the time tracking solution.

If the entire experience was taxing or uninviting, expect your team to be unsatisfied with the software. If so, opt for a time tracking software that’s more easy-to-use, uncomplicated and smooth.


Contemporary teams, particularly distant and broadly distributed teams, make use of a host of tools to fulfill their jobs in a productive manner. Therefore, choose time tracking software that works seamlessly and integrates with supplementary tools.

While testing time tracking solutions, prepare a list of all the essential applications your employees utilize on a routine basis. Some of the most popular ones include Clio, QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, LexisNexis and many more.


It’s common for businesses to invest in a time tracking software that’s loaded with features.

It’s quite easy to determine which time tracking solutions are trying to overdo things in a given interface. Maybe it has a framework that’s not suitably equipped to handle challenging functions.

Consider this: If your employees already have a chat application, do you think you really need a time management solution that has a built-in chat app?

On the whole, assess whether the software is serving as better time management software or project management software. The difference is very crucial.

Be aware of the key features you need to help your employees track and manage time effectively.  See if the time management software possesses those features and performs well.  Do not let the additional bells and whistles sidetrack you.

Expect utmost functionality, invisibility, and user-friendliness from Chrometa 5.0. Contact us to invest in the software or get a free 30-day trial period now.

The Emergence of a Mobile Time Tracking App

While people have been raving about the importance of time tracking on PC and Mac, not many people realize the significance of mobile time tracking on Android and iPhone.

Tracking time with smart phones is all about on-the-go time capturing. These time tracking apps allow people to record time when they’re out of office premises for work. Some of the finest features possessed by Chrometa’s time tracking app include:

  • Keeping track of time for employees who work outside office, such as sales reps,
  • Keeping track of small groups of employees who switch locations throughout the day,
  • Measuring time-off or breaks,
  • Better management of the large groups of employees working at several locations

Precise and dependable time tracking of organizations’ far-flung labor force pinches the hit for manually recording time. This is a surefire way to save money and time.

Stated below are some benefits having a mobile time tracking app that will convince you to get one for your business:

Access to Real Time Data

Smartphone-based time sheets offer managers with a great deal of real time data. This, in turn, gives them the ability to take informed strategic decisions. At a glance, manager can take note of who’s working on a certain project, whose dates would be available in a week and the progress of various projects. The best part is that these timesheets aren’t deleted as new ones are generated. Each one is stored securely, allowing managers to instantly access past records.

The ability to obtain instant updates also facilitates intercommunication and answerability among employees. It lets them ask questions or make appeals straight away that often remain unattended or delayed.

Great for Off-site Work

The time tracking apps are quite valuable when handling with numerous projects outside the office premises. In general, it is quite painstaking for employees to obtain access to timesheets when they’re off-site.  This is particularly the case with contractors, architects, and workers of non-profit organizations that cannot sit at once place to work.

However, with access to timesheets on a mobile device, many such employee problems can be resolved. Not only can employees keep their time and plan status posted, but can also administer numerous projects simultaneously.

Flexible For Various Work Arrangements

The idea of a conventional workplace is growing to be outdated. More and more organizations are now openly embracing flexible work settings.

Since the old timesheet software have multiple problems to be fixed, contractors and freelancers find it difficult to gain access to office software to record time.

With mobile time tracking app, such workers are given a simple and safe medium to update their projects as well as the time spent on each, regardless of the location.

Time tracking has never been easier. To turn your phone calls, emails and messages into timesheets, invoices and bills, get Chrometa now! Learn how to capture iPhone calls on Chrometa or start your free 30-day trial today.

The Unrealized Benefits of Time Tracking For Non-Profit Organizations

Startups and established businesses are persistently growing. They want to keep up with the demanding nature and competitiveness.

That being said, transformation of IT has played the role of a vital catalyst that drives change across all kinds of industries, including non-profit organizations.

IT and human resources are two of the most vital components that drive organizational success. In this regard, the importance of employee time at work is a core metric that only disciplined businesses gauge. Yes, time tracking software for businesses is more important today than ever.

The call for online time tracking is not narrowed down to the profit-based industries alone. Non-profit companies are conventionally more attentive about putting the latest administrative methods into operation. However, they are now keen on accepting modern software solutions that enable them to accurately track their employees’ time.

Here are some ways in which non-profit organizations can benefit from time tracking software:

Guarantee Accountability

Sponsors and funders generally want to be certain that their contributions will fund the right projects and reach the beneficiaries. So, with time tracking software, NGOs will be better able to track the workers’ time and hold them accountable for unproductive hours. Simultaneously, donors will be assured that the NGO values time and channelizes its efforts accordingly.

Moreover, time tracking programs simplify calculations pertinent to individualistic projects for non-profit companies. When they possess accurate time tracking software, they are able to generate cost reports daily, monthly and annually to illustrate contributions. This improves transparency and accountability.


Captures Time Passively To Improve Performance

Most time trackers make use of automatic timesheets that serve as helpful measure to assess performance of non-profit organization as a whole. The best time tracking software usually has a unique feature of providing all-inclusive reports. This allows managers to produce detailed reports regarding costs, performance and productivity etc. As a result, non-profit organizations are in a better position to systemize their business processes and maximize the use of limited donations.

Improved Transparency

The accounting standards for non-profit organizations are usually more rigid and inflexible.

Hence, the income and expenditure of such organizations should be managed and tracked likewise.

With automatic timesheets, non-profit firms can track the company’s time and expenditures. This, in turn, alleviates their requirements for conformity during the auditing process and otherwise.

With Chrometa’s time tracking software and app, you can capture and record time on the go. To experience passive time tracking and its benefits, get our free 30-day trial offer right away! For further queries, call us at +1 888 340 6425.

Ten Time Management Tips for Contractors – Part Two

Contractors are always on the go. They need to work with their team, visit sites, deal with clients and create opportunities to get more projects. Thus, it isn’t easy for them to manage all this work and keep a check on time.

So, continuing from our last blog, here are five additional time management tips for contractors to help them get the most of their day:

Get Time Tracking Software

A time tracking program will help you stay organized. As a contractor, you have a team working at different sites. You need to communicate with them on a daily basis. With the software, you can share information in real time and keep all you members updated – all at once. The software is an excellent tool to keep a track of your work, projects, and timelines that you set. It also helps keep track of how much time you spend on working on each project.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Being a perfectionist has its downsides. Don’t expect perfection in everything that you or your team members do, especially if it’s a small task.

There’s no doubt that your projects should be flawless; however, if the task is too small or not that important and has been accomplished with 90 percent perfection, do not spend time bringing it to 100 percent. Move on to the next task.

Delegate Effectively

If there’s something that can be done by others efficiently, consider delegating. Not only does this give you more time to accomplish your tasks effectively, it will also help others learn new skills and become successful.

Set Reminders

You’re caught up in such a busy schedule, that you forget to complete the most important task of the day. To avoid such instances, make sure that you always set reminders. Your time tracking software can help you with this and will remind you if an important task is left incomplete.

Follow your Schedule

This is by far one of the biggest mistakes that contractors make! Why spend time creating a schedule or prioritizing tasks when you don’t intend to follow it? Always stick to your schedule. Discipline is key! This way you’ll be able to accomplish all your tasks at the end of the day.

Wondering which contractor time tracking software to implement? Chrometa should be your choice! Our software is affordably priced with incredible features. We also offer a 30 day free trial for all our users. Also feel free to give this FREE 30-day trial period a try.

Ten Time Management Tips for Contractors – Part One

Do you feel like you’ve been working all day, but still haven’t accomplished much? No matter how hard you try, work just doesn’t seem to end; instead, each day, you’re busy tackling other aspects of your job, and rarely have time to get down to the core tasks.

Given the amount of our daily work, it’s likely that we lose track of time. For contractors, time management is crucial. They have projects that have to be completed on time and they just cannot afford to miss a deadline. The situation is even more challenging for independent contractors, for they have to keep a track of every minute that they spent working as they are billed hourly.

So, here’s our first part of our blog that talks about five time management tips for contractors:

Schedule your Day

Grab a pen and a paper and jot down your schedule for the day. With each task, set clear timelines and follow them. Do this every morning, before you start working on any task. Keep your schedule on your desk and cross out the listed tasks as you complete them. Track the time you took to complete the task against the one you had set in your schedule. You can save more time and implement a time tracking software to track time for you.

Prioritize your Tasks

Prioritizing tasks is essential. You need to make sure that all high priority tasks are completed prior to the low ones. When scheduling your day, always list tasks according to its priority. This will help you in managing your time effectively and completing your tasks efficiently.

Get Rid of Distractions

Once you’re done scheduling and prioritizing, get down to work immediately. Avoid all interruptions. Limit the amount of times you check your email. If you’re managing a team, delegate tasks and resist being a micro-manager.

Don’t Multitask

Working on a range of tasks thinking that you might be able to accomplish more is a myth. Concentrate on a single task at a time. Finish the job and only then move on to the next one. The quality of your work will also be improved.

Batch Tasks

Combine related tasks to manage your time. For instance, if you need to make phone calls, group the task together and complete it in a single go. Allocate a specific time slot for all related activities and tasks in order to streamline your process and manage time.

Looking for an affordable contractor time tracking software? Get in touch with us now! Our software, Chrometa is incredibly designed in a manner to help you track time and also share information in real time.

Take a look at the full demo here. Also stay tuned for part 2!

How Chrometa Helps You Measure Productivity

Studies show that individuals get paid for only 67 percent of the hours they spend working. In other words, professionals work for 3 hours to get paid for 2 hours only.

There’s no doubt that with the number of interruptions and distractions around you, it is almost impossible to keep track of all your work activities. That’s where Chrometa comes into the picture – an ardent time keeper. Find out how it helps to measure your productivity:

Passive Timekeeping

Chrometa captures your time automatically. As you work on your PC, the software tracks the time spent on various activities. Our software eliminates the need of start and stop timers. It runs in the background and captures time passively. This is why we call it your personal timekeeper!

Tracks every Minute

3 minutes spent on a call, 7 minutes spent working on documents, 15 minutes spent responding to emails – remembering and recording all this information is crucial! Chrometa helps you in tracking every minute. Even if you’ve spent a Saturday working for your client, Chrometa will make sure you get paid for it!

Records all Activities

Whether you’re working on a document or working on the web – Chrometa is designed to record all activities and the time that you spent working. Our software is designed in a manner that it even tracks your away time. As soon as your mouse and keyboard go idle, our software starts recording it as away time.

When you’re back, you’ll get a pop that asks whether you’d like to log the time you spent away to any project. You can even split this time and assign it to different projects!

Creates Billable Entries

Chrometa’s timesheets are rule-based. This means all your time entries will be automatically assigned to the appropriate client and project. All entries in the timesheet are then automatically converted to billable entries with only a click!

Time Tracking App

We have also launched a time tracking app that helps capture your smartphone time. Individuals who usually work from their smartphones can get paid for making and receiving official phone calls and text messages, responding to emails through their phone and a lot more! Now you can track time even when on the go!

So, what are you waiting for? Get our incredible employee time tracking program now and boost your productivity by tracking every minute that you spent working! Choose from our three pricing plans and also get a 30 day free trial!

Get These Productivity Insights by Tracking Employees’ Time

The issues associated with employees wasting time at workplace is even worse than it was the year before.

A survey gathered responses from 750 employees, out of which 31% agreed that they waste up to 30 minutes daily at work. Another 31 percent agreed that they waste around an hour at work.

Is there anything that can be done to control this, and enhance productivity? The answer is time tracking software. However, this software does more than help companies deal with wasted time.

It also provides productivity insights and the issues that your employees have been facing.

Implement the most effective time tracking software and avoid all possible productivity collapses. Here are some questions that the software helps in answering:

Are Employees Overloaded?

Are you facing productivity issues since the past few weeks? Prior to that, was everything in place? If your answer is yes, then there might be chances that your employees are overburdened with work, and are simply procrastinating.  There’s a reason why the standard workweek is of 40 hours, no more or less than this. By employee time tracking, you’ll be able to find out if your employees are putting in extra hours and where exactly is that being utilized.

Are they using the Internet more than required?

Time tracking program captures all activities. It’ll help you know if your employees are spending more time on the internet than they actually should.

If they are, you can take necessary actions. There are a few time tracking programs that automatically categorize websites into productive, unproductive and neutral. Thus, you can track all information as to how much time is being spent on the unproductive websites.

Are they wasting time?

The software provides daily reports to each employee, thus they can check where they’ve been spending most of their time. They may take actions to improve their personal productivity; however, you can always monitor their performance; if they’ve made any improvement.

The Next Step

Now that you’re aware of these insights, what should you do to improve productivity? Here are some tips:

  • The importance of increasing brain power and mental strength is often overlooked. Thus, encourage your employees to practice brain exercises and mental games.
  • Watch out for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – pain, numbness and tingling in the thumb, index finder, middle finger and the thumb side of the ring fingers. This is a common occurrence in office workers. Talk to your employees and ask them if they’re experiencing any of these symptoms. If they are, then it’s time to replace simple mouse and keyboards with ergonomic ones.
  • Encourage them to speak to you about what’s causing a decline in their productivity.

The best way to track time? Chrometa! This amazing software helps companies to keep a track of all their employee productivity and where they’ve been spending most of their time.