Mobile Gmail Time Tracking for iPhone & Android is Here!

Gmail users, we now have a way for you to track your time spent on email from your phone. For Android, iPhone, and any other phone that uses Gmail.

Here’s how it works…

Connect Chrometa to Gmail

Go to Account – Integrations and select Gmail for Smartphones.

gmail time tracker

Then click Connect With Gmail.

Choose a Gmail Account to Connect With Chrometa

You’ll be redirected to a Gmail authorization page, and asked to pick a Gmail account (if you have more than one) to connect with Chrometa.

Hint: If you do have more than one Gmail account, and you want to capture all of your mobile email time, then choose the account that you route all of your Gmail into. See: How to combine your Gmail accounts into one inbox.

Screenshot 2015-12-16 14.49.50

Login Into Chrometa (One More Time)

Enter your Chrometa login email and password one more time to make the connection between Gmail and Chrometa.

You’ll Now See Mobile Gmail Time Tracked in Chrometa!

By default, we’ll assign a 2-minute duration to each email you read and each email you compose from your phone. You can adjust this default setting under Account – Integrations – Gmail for Smartphones.

You’ll now see your “on the go” emails ported in under your mobile device (iPhone, Android, or other). As with our PC and Mac-based Gmail tracking, you’ll get the Subject Line of the email, along with the email address of the folk(s) in the To, From, and CC lines.

Screenshot 2015-12-16 15.05.57

You can annotate these entries and assign them to clients and projects (or matters). You can also have our keyword-based rules engine do this categorization automatically for you. For example, you can tell Chrometa that all of your emails from a certain email address or certain domain should always go to a specific project (or matter).

Join Us for a January Webinar We’re Co-Hosting With LexisNexis

Kickoff 2016 and join us for a complimentary webinar demo’ing the latest Chrometa features AND our new hookup with the LexisNexis Partner Gateway. Specifically you’ll see…

  • How to connect Chrometa with Time Matters (and soon PCLaw and Juris) with a single-click…
  • The latest Chrometa features and tips and tricks for capturing time and categorizing it quickly…
  • Mobile Gmail setup, of course…
  • And more.

Here’s the link to register. If you can’t make the live session, sign up any way so that we can email you the recording afterwards. (Though I’d recommend attending live if you can, so that I can demo any specific features you’d like to see – just ask during our Q&A).

PS – TimeMatters users, we’ll be showing you exactly how to hook up your Time Matters account to Chrometa.

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Need to Add Passive Timekeeping to a Device?

Easy – just click here to download Chrometa onto another PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android device:

Screenshot 2015-12-16 15.16.07

Five Rules of Time

Are you looking for efficient ways of maximize your productivity and help the company earn more? Want to play a big role in the company’s success? You can achieve all of your goals only if you understand these important rules of time:

Analyze how you spend time

If you want to improve your productivity, then this is one important thing that you must check. Learn where you spend most of your time. Ask questions like, is it productive? Will these tasks help me achieve my goal? If the answer is no, you might need to rethink and change your plan. Reorganize yourself and reevaluate your activities. Spend time in tasks and activities which will help you increase your productivity.


After you have created a plan and a to-do list for the day, prioritize the tasks that you have to complete by the end of the day. Prioritizing tasks will not only help you in managing your time efficiently, but will also make sure that you complete your task on time. Another technique which you can adopt is to time yourself. This challenging technique will result in managing time efficiently.

Don’t Procrastinate

Do you start work immediately after reaching the office? Or are you the one who takes an hour or so to get settled and start working? If you fall in the latter category, you are procrastinating! Don’t be surprised! We all procrastinate, at one point or another. All you need to do is to understand how you can overcome it. Create a to-do list and a plan for the whole day and start working to avoid procrastination.

Know when to say ‘No’

This is one of the fundamentals of managing time! Learn when to say no. Helping colleagues makes you grow as a person, but there are times when your own task is important and you just cannot take out time to help others. This is when you should be clear about your priorities and say no to your colleagues. This becomes particularly essential when you have a deadline to meet and your peers ask you for help.


Losing focus is one of the greatest hurdles to effective time management. It hinders productivity and with this, the company loses a chance to earn more. Keeping your focus and attention on completing your task now should be your priority. Understand that keeping your focus on completing your tasks, instead of delaying them will help you in achieving your goal.

Looking for a program to assist you in time management? Chrometa – the best online time tracking software will help you in managing time in the most effective way! This software offers unbelievable time tracking features. Click here for more information.

Prioritize Daily Tasks and Manage your Time!

Facing problems in managing your time? Unable to complete your tasks within a specific duration? Don’t stress! All you need to do is to prioritize your work and daily tasks. Here’s how:

Create a task List

Seems like a long day at work? Got a lot of work to do in those eight working hours? Before you start working on any of the assigned tasks, create a list of tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. Write down each and every task, irrespective of the fact whether it is a routine task or a critical one and has been assigned to you for today only. Having things in writing will help you stay focused and know about all the tasks, small or big, that you have to complete by the end of the day. Remember – don’t forget to include breaks as well, in this list!

Rank and prioritize them

Rank the tasks according to their priority. Consequences are an effective way of determining the priority of the task. Ask yourself what will be the consequences if this task is not completed. Then rank your tasks accordingly. Or if you’ve been asked by your manager to complete a task first, follow their instructions. Make sure that you work on the tasks exactly the way you have prioritized them.


When you categorize tasks according to their ranking and priority, always consider the 85/10/5 rule. Most people tend to invest 85 percent of their time in the tasks which can be delegated and taken up by anyone else, whereas 10 percent of their time is lost in actions which can be handled by their subordinates and only 5 percent of their time is spent in doing things which no one else can do, except them. This 5 percent is where you need to cash in. Categorize tasks according to this rule, giving more importance to the tasks where you spend only 5 percent of your time.

Start working Immediately

Do not spend a lot of time in creating a to-do list, ranking and categorizing tasks. The first half an hour is more than enough for this activity. After you have prepared a list, start working on your tasks immediately. Delaying work will result in procrastination and you will be unable to manage time efficiently. Help yourself and follow the plan to execute all the tasks!

Are you finding it hard to manage time at work? You think you have been spending more time in other activities rather than work? Get Chrometa instantly! Our product not only offers time tracking solutions, but will also help you in determining where you spent most of your time. Click here for more information.

Automated Timesheets: How they help your Business

Manual timesheets are a problem for all – employees, the HR department and the company, of course! You can save a lot of time as well as money with the help of automated timesheets. Here’s how automated timesheets can benefit your business:

Maximize Revenue

With automated timesheets and with the right software, you will be able to earn more. By tabulating accurate time, you will be able to create accurate billable entries which are a major earning source for your business. Additionally, with automated timesheets, you will reduce all payroll errors which means that a significant amount will be saved, ultimately adding to your revenue!


Automated timesheets create transparency and ownership. Employees own their working time and cannot argue or challenge the number of working hours in the automated time sheet. Employees will also be able to access their own information and will refrain from inquiring about the number of leaves left, etc. With increased transparency, the number of unplanned absences will also reduce, which will increase your company’s productivity, giving you a chance to earn more.

Reduced Paperwork

Automated timesheets mean less paperwork and less clutter. Don’t you just hate it when you lose that one important sheet containing all the important data and information? Help yourself and move towards automated timesheets! Ask your HR department about the problems it faces in managing the huge paperwork! Save time for them by implementing time tracking software. Also, this will help in saving all important information and the risk of losing such information will be eliminated.

Save Time and Conflicts

One major advantage of automated timesheets is that they create a smooth flow in organizations and help in eliminating conflicts between the employees and the HR department towards the end of the month. Employees are not constantly nagged for filling in their timesheets and the HR department is not annoyed over misreporting of work hours. All these hassles can be managed and reduced by automated timesheets with the implementation of time tracking software.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level with the implementation of time tracking software? Haven’t found the perfect online time tracking software yet? Chrometa is the answer! With its incredible features, this software will help your business reach new heights! Click here for more information about this software.

What to look for when selecting Time Tracking Software?

So, you’ve finally adapted to the changing business trends and decided to implement time tracking software in your company, but are you aware of the essentials and functions of this software? How will you choose the perfect software for your company? No idea? You’ve landed at the right place! Read on to learn how to select the right time tracking software:

Determine the Needs

Prior to deciding which software should be bought and implemented in your business, it is essential that you first determine the need of implementing this software. All company operations will be impacted by implementation of this software, so make sure that you involve various stakeholders in the decision making process. Do you want to this software to track time of people who access other’s projects or do you simply need to track time of all the employees? Do you want to install this software right away or wait till you purchase a new machine? Gather answers to all these questions before you make a final decision.

Services Offered

Do not get impressed by the demo of the software on the company’s website! It can be deceptive! You, as a customer, should demand the vendor to customize the demo according to your business needs. When purchasing this software, ask the vendor to provide you with a detailed explanation. Also, inquire about issues such as support and trial usage. After sales support is an essential aspect, in case you need help during or after the software implementation process.

Low Cost and Risk

With the widespread use of time tracking software, the cost of such software has reduced. Do not fall prey to vendors who charge a huge amount! Apart from the monthly fee, look for hidden costs. Ask the vendors openly about any and all charges that might accompany the software. Vendors usually sell traditional software or software-as-a-service (SAAS). Cut down on your risk by choosing SAAS as it reduces the burden from your IT department to install and maintain another major program in your company.

Easy Upgrades

Usually, vendors offer a trial period before you implement and use the software with all its features. This period helps you gauge if the software is suitable for your business or not. Make sure that the upgrade from the trial version to the purchased version is smooth, if you decide to purchase it after testing. More importantly, ask the vendor if the data stored in the trial version can be transferred to the paid version automatically.

Looking for an effective time tracking software? Chrometa offers the best time tracking solutions for your business! Click here to learn how this unbelievable software works!

Wait – but why? Know Why You’re Procrastinating

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right” – Napoleon Hill

Many of us delay tasks that we should have completed today. We have our own reasons for delaying tasks; some delay because they are uninterested, some do it because the task is hard, and others delay it just for the sake of delaying. What we do not realize is that we are actually procrastinating! Are you too procrastinating? Not sure? Read on to find out:

Not Scheduling Tasks

If you are not scheduling your tasks, you are on your way to procrastination. Most of us do not realize the importance of scheduling tasks and then we wonder what has been keeping us from executing our work. While scheduling, set time for each task and challenge yourself to complete the task within the allotted time.

Striving for Perfection

Surprisingly, perfectionists are procrastinators! While looking for perfection, they forget that they are delaying the task and are even ready to compromise on the deadline of the task. If you too have the habit of delaying the task due to perfection, change it! Make sure that you complete the task with accuracy in one go.

Not knowing Yourself

Know your potential and capability. If you have been assigned a task which you think is complex and beyond your capability, talk to your manager about it instead of delaying it. Your manager might assign you another project or he might help you get started with the complex project. You might also take these projects positively, as difficult projects help you discover yourself in a manner where you get to know the actual potential and capability inside you. So, accept challenges and find out the real you!

Ineffective Time Management

One of the greatest hurdles in our way to success is ineffective time management! Successful people manage their time perfectly and complete their tasks on time. Effective time management does not only mean prioritizing tasks and making a plan, but executing it exactly as it was planned. Also, effective time management includes prioritizing tasks according to their importance and completing the urgent ones first.

Want to get rid of procrastination? Help yourself with this time tracking program – Chrometa! Not only does this incredible software track time, it also identifies areas where you spend most of your time. To learn more about our outstanding software, click here.

Understanding Time Management Challenges

Time management can be a real pain. At work, you have to make sure that you manage your time well to complete all tasks on time and also build a good reputation amongst colleagues. Have you been finding it hard to break past your major hurdle, i.e. time management? Here are a few time management challenges which you need to overcome, to overcome your greatest obstacle:


One of the greatest barriers of effective time management – procrastination! One common reason why many of us procrastinate is the fear of our image being tarnished if our project doesn’t go well or if the manager doesn’t approve of it. Learn to get over your fear and anxiety and start working on that project. Who knows you might just nail the project!

Lack of Sense of Accomplishment

If the outcome of the project does not instill a sense of excitement in you, you will never start working on it. Proper time management means that you complete your task within the assigned time, and to do this you should break down your task into small steps. Write down the steps you have to complete, so that when you complete them, you get a sense of accomplishment.

Lack of Problem Solving Skills

You were at the brink of completing your project and a problem came up? Most of us panic in such situations! Don’t. Stay composed and be smart enough to find a quick solution to it. If you are unable to do so, go up to your manager and speak to him about it. Learn from your mistakes and avoid them in future. After all, practice makes perfect!

Not Knowing how to Say No

Learn to say no! This does not mean in any way that you should stop helping or assisting your colleagues, but if you have an important task with a deadly deadline to complete, excuse yourself! If you don’t learn this art, you will be unable to manage your time effectively and there are chances that you might even miss your deadline!

You wish you could have a time tracking program which could help you in realizing where you have been spending most of your time? Your wish is granted! Chrometa – this amazing software helps you track time and activities so that you know where you have been investing your time! Click here to find out more about this amazing software.

Organize Yourself: Five Time Management Hacks!

Do you have a lot of work and cannot decide where to start from? Worried? Relax! Organize yourself and your work before you start working. All of us have those tough and tiring days at work, but what makes some people different from others is their time management approach. People who organize themselves are the ones who manage to meet even the toughest deadlines! Looking to include yourself in that list? Read on to find out how you can manage time efficiently:

Set Goals

Set positive and attainable goals. Setting goals is not difficult, but make sure that what you aim to achieve is realistic. Do not be tough on yourself and do not set goals which you cannot achieve. No one knows you better than yourself, and you are aware of your capabilities and potential. So set goals accordingly so that when you achieve them, you get that much needed sense of accomplishment! You can also start by breaking your task into steps. Each of these steps can be goals for you.


Plan Breaks

This is important! If you want to manage your time efficiently then make sure that you plan your breaks accordingly. When working on a task, it is important that you complete it before you take a break. This will help you stay focused and keep track of time in a more efficient manner.



Prioritize your tasks and manage your time effectively! It is as easy as that. When you prioritize, you are actually managing time. Tasks are prioritized based on the time they will consume and based on their importance. Make sure that you prioritize the urgent tasks and then move on to the less important less urgent tasks.


Avoid Distraction

Getting rid of distractions is a very important step in organizing yourself and managing time. Many people get distracted easily which leaves them with a lot of unproductive and wasted hours. Avoid distractions, by finding a good place to work. Clean your workstation before you start your work, as a cluttered workstation might also cause distraction. Switch off Wi-Fi while you’re working. This will keep you off your phone and social media and you will concentrate more on your work.


Looking for a time tracking solution, in addition to time management? Chrometa – the incredible time tracking software is designed for your convenience! Click here to learn more about our amazing software.

Are you procrastinating? End it now with these effective Strategies!

Have you been giving less urgent tasks the importance they do not deserve? And delaying urgent tasks to the last minute before the deadline? Congratulations! You have been procrastinating! Facing difficulties in getting rid of this habit? Here are few effective strategies which will help you overcome procrastination and complete your task within the assigned time:

Write Down Tasks

Many of us do not realize its importance, but writing tasks down helps a lot. Create a to-do list and just see how you feel when you cross out those tasks after you’re done! If you have only one or two tasks for the day, write down the different steps that constitute the whole task. You will have a clear path as to how you should go about completing the task and will get started right away!

Be Prepared

Being prepared prior to starting your task will help in many ways. Eliminate the need to move or get up and get everything you need before you start working on the task. Avoid distractions and focus on the task you have and start working on it.

Complete the Complex Task First

Hate a particular task? Had a bad experience with a similar task you worked on before? Complete this unpleasant task first thing in the morning! Yes. Overcome your anxiety and fear of completing that difficult task and work freely the rest of the day, without dreading to complete the complex task!

Think about Negative Consequences

Think about the consequences of not completing the task of time. If you have been procrastinating, you have been avoiding and delaying the most important task of the day. Talk to yourself and ask what will happen if you don’t complete the task. Maybe you’ll have to stay back and complete it or worst, you might miss the deadline. Productive self-talk helps a lot!

Reward Yourself

If you have been finding it hard to complete certain tasks, start rewarding yourself after you complete that task. For instance, get yourself a chocolate and eat it only when you have completed your task. Find the reward you like the most so that you are motivated to complete the task on time!

Does procrastination make it hard for you to manage and track time? Are you able to complete tasks, but unable to track time? Chrometa – the incredible time tracking software helps you in tracking time in the most efficient manner! Click here to learn more about our amazing program.

New Chrometa Features & Advanced Webinar Invitation

Please join us for a live demo of the latest version of Chrometa’s passive timekeeping software. Here’s the link to sign up:

Specifically I (Brett) will show you how to…

  • Create keyword-based rules to “auto-bucket” your time entries to projects…
  • Setup new integrations such as FreshBooks (with time entry export support) and QuickBooks Online. And I’ll preview our upcoming integration with LexisNexis products (Time Matters, Juris, and PCLaw)…
  • Capture your cell phone calls…
  • And quickly categorize blocks of time using the Timeline feature.

I’ll also set aside time throughout the webcast, and at the end, to field your questions and answer (and/or demo) them for you. Again, here’s the link to register:

Need to see your minute-by-minute Timeline for all of your devices? Now you can with our new view located under the Time screen. It’s the ultimate time log app.

Click the Timeline tab to see all of your Timelines on one screen. Or get the breakdown by device by clicking the next tab:

Screenshot 2015-10-15 13.37.49

New FreshBooks Export for Time Entries Themselvesfreshbooks timekeeping

We’ve got a new export to FreshBooks available. It’s much smoother than the previous edition, which only let you export invoices over to FreshB
ooks. Now, you can export time entries themselves from Chrometa over to FreshBooks. Here are the specifics on how it works:

QuickBooks Online + Chrometa is Live

Our QuickBooks Online integration is live! To add Chrometa and our automatic timekeeping features to your QuickBooks Online account, simply add our Chrometa app from here.

quickbooks online time tracking

Here are the steps to follow…

1 – Get the Chrometa App Now

Click here to add Chrometa to Your QuickBooks Online account.

2 – Download Chrometa’s Time Trackers for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android

freshbooks time tracking app

iPhone Call Tracking for Verizon, Sprint, AT&T

As you probably know, Apple is quite restrictive. The company doesn’t allow software developers like us to have access to things like your call log.

So, we figured out a way to bypass Apple and pull your phone calls directly from Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint into our free Chrometa iPhone app. From there, the app:

1. Creates time entries from your phone calls.

2. Posts these entries into an invoice and/or into your practice management system.

If you’re a current Chrometa user, here’s how you can setup iPhone call tracking today: