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Complimentary 1:1 Training Sessions Now Available

We realize there’s always been a bit of a learning curve with Chrometa… so we’re now offering complimentary 1:1 training with one of our experts. To schedule your individual session, send an email to us at – and we’ll get you setup with a phone / web tutorial meeting.

We’ve got some excellent training people who can help answer your questions and walk you through product features that will help you streamline your timekeeping.

This offer is open to all users – current, past, and future. If you previously tried Chrometa and want to give it another shot, just let us know (via live chat or phone or email) and we’ll gladly set you up with another 30-day free trial. Or you can just download our 30-day free trial right here.

And again, to schedule your complimentary 1:1 training, just email us at

QuickBooks Online + Chrometa is Live!

quickbooks online time trackingOur QuickBooks Online integration is live! To add Chrometa and our automatic timekeeping features to your QuickBooks Online account, simply add our Chrometa app from here.

Here are the steps to follow…

1 – Get the Chrometa App Now

Click here to add Chrometa to Your QuickBooks Online account.

2 – Download Chrometa’s Time Trackers for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android

Our automatic time trackers for PC and Mac capture your computer-based time as you work. When you work on something, Chrometa’s time tracker records what you’re working on – which application, along with other info that helps you identify the task after the fact. For example, if you’re working on a file, Chrometa will also capture the file name. For emails, we’ll get the time spent on the email – along with the To/From and Subject Line info. And our Android app will get phone calls and texts.

Screenshot 2015-06-24 16.16.13

3 – Let Chrometa capture your time “passively”… and create your timesheets for you

Every email you write, every minute you work gets recorded and “automatically” put on your timesheet. So that you can export it to QuickBooks Online.

4 – Use keyword-based “rules” to have your time bucketed to the right client automatically

By setting up keyword-based rules, you can “teach” Chrometa how to create most of your Timesheet for you each day.

5 – Export Your Timesheet Back to QuickBooks Online

With a single-click, you’ll be able to send your entire timesheet – properly categorized to clients, and annotated – back to QuickBooks Online. Your time entries will look like they were created originally in QBO.

Webinar: Clio + Chrometa Time Capture

We recently co-hosted a webinar with Clio to introduce our new Chrometa-Clio time capture integration, which helps you get paid for all the
work you do.  Here’s the video recording:

Tip: How to Bucket a Block of Time to a Client & Project

Ever find yourself checking your Calendar, Sent Emails, and/or Post-It Notes in an attempt to figure out exactly where your time went on a given day? We created our Timeline view for moments like these.  It’s the ultimate safety net that helps you piece together these holes in your time.

How the Timeline Works

The Timeline literally captures your time down to the minute.  From when you start work in the morning, until when you stop working in the evening or night, the Timeline will have everything in a play-by-play format.


The Timeline displays the Start Time, End Time, Duration, and Activity Details.  When you stop working on a given activity, the Timeline will start a new row to reflect your new activity.

Categorizing a Whole Block of Time at Once

You can categorize time entries directly from the Timeline by checking the box to the left of the entry, selecting the Move To Project dropdown, and then selecting the appropriate project for categorization.  The Project column, located on the far-right side of the table, will update accordingly.


Use the Move To Project dropdown to categorize entries from the Timeline.

Tip: Select multiple consecutive entries at once by selecting the first entry, holding down the Shift key, and selecting the last entry you want. Each entry in between the two will also be selected.


Multiple consecutive entries categorized to the same Project.

Use the & Annotate button in the Move To Project dropdown located to the right of the Project you are categorizing the entries to, to annotate and categorize at the same time.


The “& Annotate” button (lower-right) will allow you to annotate entries as you categorize them.

You can annotate entries without categorizing them by checking the box to the left of the entry, clicking the blue Annotate button (with pen icon), and entering an annotation in the resulting popup.


Annotate button.


Add / Edit Annotation popup window.


Video Demo: Android Call, Text & Time Tracker

Chrometa for Android can now capture your text messages as well as your phone calls and turn them into billable time entries for you. Click the play button below to see how it works…

You can download Chrometa for Android directly from the Google Play Store here. And if you have time to leave us a nice review, we’ll hook you up with a free month.

Our friend and solo practitioner Patricia Lee is a big fan of our Android app. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“As I travel for my work at lot, I find myself using my cell phone more and more while on the go. Unfortunately, it has always been too time consuming to manually input these calls into Chrometa, and frankly, seemed more trouble that it was worth. Now that I have the Chrometa Android App, I see that I was losing thousandsof dollars’ worth of time by not itemizing these calls.

“The Chrometa team made it very easy to upload, and I was up and running in less than 15 minutes, with practically no learning curve. In fact, I uploaded the new app while on the road, and was able to sync my phone calls retroactively within minutes! Yeah Chrometa! I love the new Android App, and can’t wait to see your other new features.”

4-Minute Video Demo: How Chrometa Saved My Saturday Billing

“How Chrometa Saved My Saturday… and Got Me Paid.” (4 Minutes)

“Saturday morning, I did some work for a client. Now, working on weekends isn’t ideal… but it happens.

“Now, I want to make sure I get paid for my Saturday work!

“Fortunately, I was running Chrometa on my computer. So I didn’t have to worry about keeping track of my time. That was all done for me “passively” by Chrometa’s time tracker.

“Here’s how Chrometa saved my Saturday… and got me paid…”

iPhone Call Tracking is Back for Verizon Users

Apple Doesn’t Allow It… So We Figured Out a “Back Door” Way!

Our iPhone call tracking is back! Verizon users, you’re up first. Here’s how to get your Verizon Wireless calls into Chrometa…

Verizon Call Tracking

1. Go to

2. Sign in with your Mobile Number or User ID, and your Password.

verizon call tracking


3. On the left-side, go to Manage My AccountView My Usage.

view my verizon usage

4. Click the Minutes tab.

verizon call minutes tracking


5. Go to Current Call Log for Line: Select a Line and select the phone number you want to import calls for.

6. Click Download to SpreadSheet.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.11.57 PM


7. Now, go to the Time screen in Chrometa and click the iPhone button.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 2.16.37 PM

8. Hit the Choose File button and locate the spreadsheet you downloaded from Click Upload File.

That’s it! You’ve got your Verizon phone calls on their way into Chrometa. They’ll look something like this:

iphone call tracking

FAQ (and Tips & Tricks)

What’s the easiest way to get these phone calls onto my Timesheet?

We’d highly recommend that you create keyword-based rules to assign time entries based on phone numbers automatically. For a full tutorial on rules, please click here.

Do I have to do this every day?

No – just whenever you need these calls on your Chrometa Timesheet. We can intake as many calls as Verizon wants to give us on that spreadsheet that you’re downloading from them.

I don’t want to have to worry about this. Can you just do this all for me?

Yes – we’d be happy to. Just send us an email with your Verizon Wireless User ID and Password (so that we can get your spreadsheet for you), and we’ll run this phone call import daily daily for you.

Coming Soon: AT&T

We’ll be adding support for AT&T call tracking next.

Time Management Software Solves “Where Did My Day Go?” Problem

by Meryl K. Evansmeryl93x125

The recent daylight saving time change has thrown my days for a loop. It takes me at least a week to adapt. I know it feels silly that a mere 60 minutes would affect my day. But it does. I’m one of those people who goes to bed at the same time every day. Sure, I go to sleep 30 minutes earlier or later sometimes. But I can’t do an hour earlier or later.

On the first Monday after daylight saving time returned, I checked out of the office at 7 pm. That’s unusual. Where did the time go? With Chrometa time management software, I can see the break down of where the time went. The summary shows I spent half the day in an Internet browser. Before you go thinking I do mindless surfing, much of the time falls into two buckets: research and customer service.

Like me, you’ve probably had many days when you wonder where the time went. With automatic time management software like Chrometa, you can see exactly where you spend your time.

Find out “Where did the time go?” with time management software

The second activity where I spent most of my time is Microsoft Word. A quick review of my timeline in Chrometa shows a mix of Internet research and writing an article. As Image 1 shows, I spent 2.5 hours in Microsoft Word. But that assumes I did nothing but work on the article for the whole time.

time management software

Before digging deeper, know that I have two monitors. This lets me have a document open on one and do research on the other. It does wonders for productivity. That said, while working on the blog post, I do research or look up information on my second screen.

I click the Microsoft Office Word entry to review all the entries as shown in Image 2. The first one shows almost 2 hours devoted to writing a blog post. I click “Timestamps” to view a drill down of the time spent writing it. Based on the timeline, I worked a little more than 2.5 hours straight on the blog article save for a 10-minute gap.

automatic time management software

What’s this 10 minute gap? It turns out Facebook distracted me. For shame! Still, Chrometa confirms I devoted 2.5 hours to the blog post between researching it and writing it. Although switching to Facebook for a few minutes is disruptive, it would’ve been more so if I had to stop the clock and start it again using a basic timer.

All in all, it was a productive day.

Recording offsite time and working with multiple devices

Not everything you do is on a computer or mobile device. Chrometa covers you by asking you if you’d like to record your time away from the computer. In a couple of clicks, you can assign this time to a project or a client.

I exercised in the early afternoon before switching to morning workouts. Whenever I stepped away from my desk for a set time, Chrometa would greet me upon my return asking if I want to record my offsite time. Entering the time spent exercising time provided a great feeling of accomplishment.

Most days, I’ll do a little work on a laptop. It lets me work standing up or get a change of scenery. Chrometa tracks that time too. While I don’t make phone calls or do much emailing on my phone, I could track that time with its time management software app for phones.

Integrating time management software with other business tools

I use accounting software to manage invoicing, receivables, customers and reports. As Image 3 shows, Chrometa can integrate time reports with accounting, law practice management and project management apps.

time billing management software

Although most accounting software come with a tool for tracking time, they’re basic. You just click the timer to start the clock and click it again to stop it. Rinse. Click. Repeat. This becomes tedious for people who do a variety of tasks throughout the day.

Attorneys, for example, tend to handle multiple cases throughout the day. Each email, phone call, meeting and paperwork needs to be billed to the right client. They don’t always focus on one client at a time. Most will make a chunk of phone calls in one sitting. Then they’ll chunk the next activity.

When I take a Facebook break or any other kind of short break, Chrometa tracks that time. It’s the little things of not having to mess with a timer that make the difference and save time.

Chrometa time tracking management software integrations

It’s more efficient to do the same type of task than to flip between different types of tasks: phone calls, emails, documentation. A better way to do time management for attorneys would be with automatic time management software with integration with Clio or RocketMatter. Chrometa also works with popular project management, accounting and other valuable software used by many businesses.

Here are apps that work with Chrometa time management software:

  • Accounting: QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop and Xero.
  • Calendar entries: Google calendar.
  • Invoicing: FreshBooks.
  • Law practice management: Clio and Rocket Matter.
  • Project Management: Basecamp Classic and Basecamp Next.

Automatic time management software improves your time tracking accuracy as it creates automatic timesheets. Add these integrations, and you save a few steps with invoicing and management. You can create keyword-based rules to automatically assign time entries to the right client or project.

And with the ability to track your time on other computers and devices, you won’t forget one minute of work as Chrometa tracks all your time for you.

Benefits of automatic time management software

Because Chrometa automatically tracks your time, you can work the way you want to work. No longer do you need to try to force how you schedule your day to make it easier to track time. Chrometa has graphs like the one here to give you a visual how much time you spent on client work, project work and personal activities.

Find Unbilled Time Report

The data can be exported into Excel if you want to analyze how much time you spend on your various activities. Lawyers, accountants, freelancers, solopreneurs, real estate agents, financial advisors and other professionals find it more efficient to use time management software to track the tasks they do.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked on tasks for a client only to forget to check the time when I started and finished. Chrometa solves that problem by automatically capturing this information. You can set up the time management software to be as simple or detailed as you want to fit the way you work.

“Passive” Time Tracking Infographic