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Get Paid By Clients Faster — In Just Days, or Even Hours


The Fastest Way To Send Professional-Looking Invoices

You probably wouldn’t mind getting paid by your clients faster after invoicing them for all your hard work. We designed our new Invoicing Tool to bypass the usual payment collection hassle.

After capturing all of your billable time automatically, Chrometa can create your entire month’s worth of invoices with the click of a mouse. Each invoice looks professional — with your firm’s logo if you choose. And best of all, it’s a snap for your clients to pay you directly online.

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Chrometa Invoicing Tutorials:

Get Paid By Clients Faster — In Just Days, or Even Hours

We’ve reinvented small business invoicing to help you get paid faster and more reliably while minimizing collections hassles.

As you probably know, the “magic” of Chrometa is that its data collector runs in the background of your PC and/or Mac (and iPhone or Android smartphone), quietly making note of
your activities. It’s like having your very own personal timekeeper.

When you open or compose an email, Chrometa captures that activity. Same for documents you draft, web research you perform, and even phone and meeting time — everything is captured passively without you lifting a finger.

For the past two years we’ve been busy working to perfect passive time capture — a complex task that we achieved — with an ever-growing number of small firm lawyer reaping the benefits.

Now that we’ve accomplished this mission, and can categorize that time for you to the appropriate client and matter (by picking up a keyword), we resolved that it was time to close the loop on capturing time … by helping you get paid for it fast!

Here’s how it works:

1. Chrometa captures all of your billable time for the month for you.

2. With one click of the mouse, you create invoices for all of your clients for the month — professional-looking invoices that can include your logo.

3. With another click you email each invoice to each client (you can also print and mail the invoices).

4. Each email invoice includes a link to pay you online — so that you can get paid right away.

Online payment is simple to setup — we built custom integrations with industry leaders PayPal and LawPay. As always, setup help from our support team is free and available via phone, email, or web meeting.

And if you don’t yet use Chrometa — this is the perfect time to get started. You can use it free for 14 days here (no credit card required).

Did I Mention You’ll Have The Best Looking Invoices On The Planet?

Our invoice templates have an easy-to-use, but powerful, built-in-editor that enables you to add a custom header, footer, and firm logo.

Research shows that invoices that look more professional get paid faster. With our new Invoicing Tool, professional-looking templates await your firm name and logo in the header.

Emailing your invoices to your clients alone will accelerate the speed at which they pay you by days, or even weeks. We have a feature that enables you to email invoices to all clients en masse with the click of the mouse.

And the killer feature is the ability to get paid online. Imagine getting paid within hours — or even minutes — of your invoice hitting your clients’ inbox!

Please take a sneak peek of our killer Invoicing Tool now.

Chrometa Invoicing Tutorials: