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How I Make Sure I Capture All My Time – Including Emails – Without a Lame Stop/Start Timer

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Dear Fellow Attorney at Work Reader:

Like you, I hate keeping track of my billable time. I used to spend hours each week going through sent emails, my calendar and my notes to figure out what I did every day.

I knew there had to be a better answer than notepads and start/stop timers.

The problem with the start/stop timer, for me, is that I’m constantly getting interrupted throughout the day. So I’d start the timer once in the morning – and realize 5 hours later it’d be running against the same task ever since, because I forgot to toggle it!

Time entry methods were equally ineffective – I am far too busy and multi-task far too much during the day to be bothered with the tedious effort of creating a new time entry when I change tasks.

Finally in 2007, I’d had enough – so I designed a product that’d automatically track my time and let me easily organize that time so I could accurately and easily bill my clients.

I’m excited to announce that our groundbreaking timekeeping product, Chrometa, is now available to Attorney at Work readers.

You can get started with Chrometa for free – and be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Please start capturing your billable time automatically with Chrometa now. (Available for PC and Mac)


Adam Tope, Esq.
Special Advisor to Chrometa, LLC