Track Your Time
Without Notes or Timers

Let Chrometa automatically capture and categorize your time for you

“Automatic” Time Tracking Software

Ditch those notes and timers! Chrometa “automatically” runs in the background of your Mac and/or PC as you work, quietly making a note of your activities. Read More…

time tracking software
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Create Accurate Timesheets

With keyword-based rules, you can have your time entries automatically assigned to the appropriate client and project, making timesheet creation a breeze. Read More…

Capture Smartphone Time, Too

Our apps for Android and iOS will help you capture your time on the go. And we’ll sync your time up for you in one location. Read More…

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And Other Phone & Meeting Time

When you return to your computer, you’ll receive an “Away Time” popup prompt. This will help you capture and bill for your offline time. Read More…

Seamless Integrations

Export your Chrometa time entries into your accounting, billing, and/or practice management system with a single-click. We export to Clio, QuickBooks, and more. Read More…

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Create Professional-Looking Invoices

If you don’t use another system for invoicing, you can create great looking invoices – and even get paid electronically by your clients. Read More…